New Love Celebration

By Kim Hutchinson

love heart

This is a time of great transformation in your love life. For those of you who are single, you are moving towards attracting a new love partner, the likes of whom you have never before encountered. This new partner will surpass your expectations. If you are already in a committed loving relationship, you will experience rapid, positive changes in your partnership. Your intimacy and passion will increase and your loving bond will be further strengthened. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship which is floundering, it may not weather the transition, but do not despair! New love is just around the corner, and this new partner will light up your heart in ways your current partner never did.

The angels say this is a time of celebration. Do not fear the changes in your love life. Even though the transformation is happening rapidly, do not panic and apply the brakes. Let the angels guide you and just go with the flow. You have been praying for new love in your life, and it has finally arrived. Before new love can enter your life however, you must first be willing to let go of your old relationship patterns. The new love on your horizon is heaven sent. You just need to trust in your angels’ guidance. Be open to changes. Shed your old relationship scars and defense mechanisms. Let go of your list of past grievances. Let the new love enter your life and wash your old sorrows away. We are all reborn in the flush of new love.

Angels are guiding you to this new love with signs, so if something grabs your attention, do not discount it. Monitor your body’s responses to found objects, overheard snippets of conversation, and other such angelic messages. If you get goose bumps for example, trust that you are receiving guidance from your angels. Ask them for clarification if you are unsure. You do not need to know why the angels want you to do certain things; just have faith and follow their lead. They can see the big picture. Let them be your eyes and ears. They will not lead you astray.

In order to put yourself in alignment with the angels and with your highest self, welcome feelings of gratitude for this pending new love. Be deeply thankful for the new love that heaven is sending to you, the love that will mend your heart. Be joyful this is a time of rebirth and renewal!

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