Mother Earth’s Female Prerogative

Mother Earth

By Kim Hutchinson

Mother Earth

In case you are wondering why we didn’t ascend on December 21st, here is my understanding:

We have just entered a female cycle, and the female is heart-centred rather than being left-brained. The latter loves to adhere to a fixed schedule whereas the heart operates outside the perimeters of time. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that time has accelerated into ‘no time‘.

Had this been the dawning of the male cycle, we most likely would have followed a set schedule; instead, Mother Earth is being guided by her innate sense of timing. She will move into the next dimension when she feels ready. There will be no forewarning, I suspect, as even Gaia herself won’t know ahead of time.

On the lighter side, I see a direct parallel with my marriage, one to which many of you can probably relate:

When we are getting ready to go out, Steve is normally ready long before me. No matter how hard I try, he inevitably ends up waiting for me. He puts on his coat and shoes, jingles the car keys, and then finally resorts to waiting in the car. Even though I know I’m holding him up and that we may be late to our engagement, I am still fussing with my wardrobe, hair and make-up. I get a sense that Mother Earth and Father Sun are playing out a similar scenario on the galactic scale.

Now, to add to that scenario, imagine that Mother Earth is pregnant, and the event in question is the upcoming birth of her child. As any mother knows, a due date isn’t carved in stone. It simply isn’t realistic to assume that she can adhere to a set schedule. She will ‘deliver’ a new humanity when she is ready, and not a moment sooner. There’s nothing that Father Sun or her children can do to hurry her along. The best thing you can do to help Gaia is to stay in your heart and to trust that Mother knows best! 🙂

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