Mother Earth Talks Ascension

By Kim Hutchinson

MotherEarthIn previous articles, I have channeled other sources about the ascension. These include Archangel Raziel, Archangel Michael and Mother God . Today, I am talking with Mother Earth.

Mother Earth, please tell us what we need to know about this ascension.

In the past, ascension was individual experience. This time it is collective, meaning we are all ascending together.

In a free will universe, how can this be?

Everything has a beginning and an end in the finite multiverse, and we are at the end point for this 3-D experiment. This point is the culmination of a Grand Cycle. It can be likened to a graduation.

If it’s happening to everyone, why is there so much resistance to, and disinterest in, the ascension?

In the collective consciousness of humanity are memories of previous ascensions. During these dimensional transitions some, but not all, people moved on to the fifth dimension. Those who were not ready stayed in the third dimension. Thus, people who do not desire the ascension, or who feel ill-prepared, are resistant to the idea of ascension because they erroneously believe they can stay here and carry on with life as usual.

How can someone ascend who is not prepared for ascension?

A person who has not prepared for ascension would not be able to make that transition. The 3-D body is too heavy, dense and polarized. It is not a vibratory match for the frequency of the fifth dimension. It stands to reason that everyone is being prepared for ascension.

So, people are being prepared without their knowledge?

Anyone who is ‘awake’, meaning unplugged from the 3-D consciousness grid, knows what is happening, even if they do not embrace the idea of ascension. Those who are still plugged into polarity consciousness however, have no reference for what is happening. They are experiencing ascension symptoms and then finding third dimensional explanations for these experiences.

How can people be prepped for ascension without their cooperation?

Before incarnating here, everyone met on the soul plane and agreed to ascend collectively at this time. You are all being guided by your higher selves.

Is it true that the entire third dimension is ascending?

Yes. Everything in the 3-D universe is merging with the 5-D universe. That is just the first step in our reunification. We will be travelling up through all the dimensions until we fully awaken and realize that we are Source, and that life is but a dream.

Where are we now in reference to the dimensions?

Dimensions are levels of consciousness so, in truth, we are always right here. Ascension is the gradual expansion of consciousness. Right now, we are in the tenth level of the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension looks the same as the third.

Because the majority of people are not ready for ascension, I am projecting a holographic construct of the 3D realm around you.

When will we see a change in our outer world?

The change will occur when the majority of people are ready to experience it. Those with eyes to see the subtler changes can already detect changes.

So, the ascension is both gradual and sudden, in a sense.

Yes, it is an ongoing process, which happens gradually and incrementally. Once we reach the fifth dimension, and the majority is ascension ready, then the grand ‘unveiling’ will happen.

How may we be of assistance to you, Mother?

I encourage everyone to follow their joy and to do what makes your heart sing. Think with your heart, not your head. Seek healing if you feel blocked or unable to communicate with your heart. Feel the universal love and compassion that dwells inside you, and let that love spread to all life forms, whether they be human, animals, plant or mineral. We are all One. We are Love. Feel and live that truth.

If you feel called to assist with the ascension, then you are one of the numerous volunteers who agreed to incarnate at this time in order to help humanity throughout this transition. Each of you has a specific role to play, and so I encourage you to ask your higher selves, soul group and guides for details and assistance.

In the past, ascension volunteers have been guided to certain geographical locations. Are there any places now where we may best be of service?

The short answer is no. We are becoming increasingly more unified, and so there is no need to physically relocate in order to reach people. But again, I encourage the volunteers to check in with their soul to discover what they have planned for this stage of the ascension.

Since 2012, interest in ascension has sharply declined. Is there a reason?

Some of the volunteer souls who were on the leading edge of the ascension have since gone home. They were no longer a vibrational match for this realm and so they ascended. When they left, they took their passion for the ascension home with them. Although these souls were ready to ascend, their human bodies, for the most part, were not, and so a different portion of their soul came into the physical form. These new souls do not have the ascension experience and expertise of the souls that left. In fact, many of these new souls have never been to 3D Earth before.

Thank you, Mother Earth, for your guidance!

If you have ascension-related questions for Mother Earth or another spiritual source, please contact Kim. She may answer them in future articles.

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