Life Advice from Archangel Michael

By Kim Hutchinson


Archangel Michael is a powerful protector. He works closely with humanity, and wants us to be safe and strong. Here is some guidance from him to help you on your path.

Trust Yourself

  • Be more discerning where others are concerned. Just because someone claims to be altruistic doesn’t mean they are not personally motivated. Everyone has a personal agenda (even the angels).
  • You have impeccable senses. Heed them! Do not allow someone else to dilute your wisdom simply because you detected something that they did not.
  • Do not allow anyone else to define how you feel about yourself. No one knows exactly how you feel, so they are not qualified to judge you.
  • Stop allowing others’ opinions of you to supplant your own impressions of yourself. When you let other people define you, you leave yourself completely vulnerable. In particular, do not listen to people who you know to be discordant (translation: out of sync with your heart and soul).

Take More Chances

  • At the end of your life on Earth, you will perform your life review, and you alone will decide if your life fulfilled your expectations.
  • The parts of your life that cause you pain and discomfort are not failures or mistakes. You cannot recognize that a certain course of action is wrong for you until you take it. Once you see that it was wrong, you have learned a lesson. Mistakes, therefore, are simply lessons.
  • It’s imperative that you continue to try new things so that you afford your soul every opportunity to learn.
  • People who spend their life avoiding mistakes are the ones who are not living up to their soul’s expectations. They will be greatly disappointed when they perform their life review.

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