Love and Compassion

By Steve Clayton

Each and every one of us has the capacity for love within us; we just have to remember or be reminded on how to access that love. A simple way to begin remembering is through compassion. Compassion allows us to forgive ourselves or others for simply being human. It is through forgiveness that we allow love to come into ourselves and our lives in greater and greater quantities.

Compassion for ourselves and for others is vitally important. Learning to overlook and forgive faults rather than judging them is important for our mental and emotional health. True Love does not judge. True Love is unconditional.

The vast majority of humans are motivated by our desire to love and to be loved. This takes up a lot of our energy and, when things do not work out according to the plan we have in our heads, we do not always react well. The driver who honks, shouts or waves his fist at you is probably just venting his frustration over the fact that love is not flowing freely in his world at the moment. Do not judge him or take his actions personally. Have compassion for him instead. Everyone is dealing with challenges.

Staying heart-centred is the key. Your heart is the direct connection to the Divine. This is an amazing gift to have within us for it opens, or is the gateway to, a much greater realm of existence. There are many who believe it is the mind and intellect that will led us into a bigger and brighter future but we only have to look at the state of the world to see this is not the case. The line from a song that says what the world needs now is love sweet love has never been more true.

Go within your heart, feel the love that is there and have compassion for yourself. Remember that you are a child of Love and Light and allow that Love to overflow within you. Feel the peace, serenity and acceptance that come with it and allow those feelings to guide you upwards through your heart and into your soul.

Compassion is a key that opens the door to our High Heart Chakra. The High Heart, or 8th Chakra, is the highest and last Chakra in the physical realm; above that our higher chakras are found in the spiritual realm. The High Heart is the bridge to that higher realm and thereby connecting us with our souls.

When you look through eyes that are guided by the love in your heart you will see the love and beauty in everyone and everything around you. You will see and receive the true gift of life. You can do this through the simple and elegant act of compassion.

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