Kim’s Healings are Back

Multidimensional Healing & Guidance

After a self-healing hiatus, Kim is happy to be back helping people feel their best. She is also excited to be offering guidance, again.

While on break, Kim received a message from Source which guided her to focus upon transformation.

Healing restores what was; transformation propels you into the realm of what could be.

Many of the services may look the same, but the new energy and focus is on a higher note. This new, brighter, higher vibrational intention will hopefully help you to not only heal, but also transcend, anything that holds you down.

So, if you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual evolution, then Kim is ready to fly with you through multiverse back to Source where anything is possible!

Kim’s sessions are available worldwide.

Healing Services

Energy Healing

Form follows thought, and thought follows energy; so, the key to a healthy mind and body is a health energy body. This all-purpose energy healing includes an aura and chakra clearing and repair; cords of fear removal; prana tube repair and re-expansion; soul blueprint realignment, and a Light and Love infusion, and reunion with Source. It is the perfect, all-purpose healing.

Energetic Surrogate

Sensitive souls (i.e. empaths, caretakers) frequently feel drained due to the weight of other peoples’ needs. An energetic surrogate can help carry the burden. The angels will create an energetic duplicate of you, powered by pure Source energy, and then transfer all energetic cords into your duplicate. That way, the people who rely on you will receive divine love, instead of draining you, thus benefiting everyone.

Star Infusion

In the ninth dimension, many souls are expressing themselves as stars. These glorious, fiery orbs of light are exquisite life-giving forces. Kim’s 9D star soul will merge with your higher self, infusing your energy body with powerful light while simultaneously burning away that which no longer serves your highest good. You will be filled with the perfection of divine Source light and the glowing warmth of the Grand Central Sun.

Past Life Healing

There is but one eternal life for you, Dear Soul, so prior incarnations are still an influence. You may have fears stemming from ‘death’, illness and trauma, along with contracts, sworn oaths and vows to bygone partners and religious orders. Most people also have karma which equates to unfinished lessons. You and the angels will view the past life scenes that are causing you problems today, and then the angels will help you heal these unhealthy ties and old wounds.

Space Clearing

Heavy energy can be found in houses where the family, guests or even neighbours were angry, ill, upset or scared. Earth-bound spirits and 4D service-to-self entities gravitate to unhappy homes. Working with space clearing experts Archangels Michael and Raphael, Kim will employ angelic multidimensional energy to clean your home and family of unwanted energy and astral visitors. Archangel Jophiel will then assist Kim in beautifying the energy of your home.

Guidance Services

Ascension Support

Ascension refers to the awakening process and re-expansion of consciousness that shifts us from the illusion of separation back to Source Oneness. Whether you have been on the ascension path for a while, or have recently awoken and are unsure of what is happening to you, Kim can help. As an ascension guide, she is well-versed in topics such as the Awakening Process; Ascension Symptoms; the Dark Night of the Soul; Ascension Mechanics; Timeline Jumping; Vibration Raising; Intra- and Extraterrestrial Influences; the Multiverse; our Multidimensional Origins, and more.

Crystal Oracle Reading

Crystals hold the memories of Earth’s history, and are richly imbued with Gaian goddess energy. Tap into ancient wisdom from our crystalline brothers and sisters, and receive loving guidance. Crystal readings are sage, deep and grounded, just like crystals themselves. Crystals respond to the deeper part of your mind, your subconscious. They can offer great insights along with emotional clarity. They are also powerfully healing, and this vibration carries through their messages to you.

Angel Wisdom Reading

Angels are loving spiritual guides from the higher dimensions. They heal, comfort, guide and protect us. Angel readings expand consciousness and help us to see life from a higher perspective. Angelic loving wisdom blends counseling, coaching and teaching. Their enlightening guidance comes from a place of deep compassion, love and peace. They empower us to make positive choices that align with our greatest good.

Soul Origins Reading

You are an eternal, limitless spark of the Divine who exists in every dimension and parallel universes simultaneously. Your soul will reveal the parts of its infinite existence which are most relevant to you today. This information may include your soul age (i.e. old soul); your soul wave or incarnational group (i.e. Indigo); soul purpose (i.e. wayshower); your galactic origins (i.e. Pleiades) and your dimensional origins: (i.e. 7D Elemental).

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