Kim in Newsweek’s Spiritual Living

Newsweek Spiritual Living Special Edition

Kim’s Contribution

Kim was interviewed by Newsweek Magazine for their Spiritual Living Special Edition. The article is called The Spirit Awakens and appears on pages 88 – 91.

Magazine Content

The Secret to Peace and Happiness

To live a spiritual life is to be better connected with the universe around you. This 100-page, special edition of Newsweek is your guide for all things metaphysical, from focusing the mind for meditation through yoga and more, to healing the body with crystals and essential oils. Featuring insight from notable names in the spiritual sphere including Gail Thackray, William Lee Rand and Brad Johnson, this is the issue for anyone looking to awaken their soul.


The magazine will be on U.S. newsstands nationwide starting next week (March 1), and should be in Canada two weeks thereafter (approx. March 14). You can also purchase it directly online here:

The Spirit Awakens
The first two pages of the article The Spirit Awakens, to which Kim contributed

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