Interdimensional War and Peace

Yin and Yang

By Kim Hutchinson

Yin and Yang
The Polarity Experiment

I received an email asking if Archangel Michael was still offering his protective and loving services to our planet. Naturally, the question puzzled me, for Michael’s unfailing devotion to humanity is well documented. In my own life, I call on him multiple times a day. I simply couldn’t imagine life without my beautiful protector and friend.

Still, the email played on my mind, so I asked Michael to confirm what I already knew to be true, and he gladly confirmed that his allegiance to Light and Love was as strong as ever. This exchange led to a very interesting conversation regarding an interdimentional war between the forces of Light and Darkness. I learned the truth about this ‘war’, and about Lucifer‘s true role. I also understand why the ‘war’ took place (note the use of the past tense), and how its outcome is helping to shape our future. I’m excited to share this uplifting information with you.

The Polarity Experiment

In order to talk about the end of war, I need to tell you how this conflict began. This may be hard to accept if you believe what you have been taught on Earth. Humanity has been kept in the dark for thousands of years, so our stories are based on limited awareness. The time has come for us to rip away our blindfolds and to embrace our power. Allow your mind to stretch as you read this: Lucifer is not our enemy. He is the brightest and most magnificent of angels. He volunteered to lead an intrepid group of souls into a parallel realm where they could experiment with novelties such as fear, pain, lack, darkness, war and death. You see, we all come from the Light, and as such, we only know goodness, comfort, beauty, bounty, love and eternal life. Since God only knows Light, Lucifer agreed to be in charge of the parallel reality. He helped create and structure it. He also volunteered to lead those who wanted to delve deeply into the shadows, for only the brightest and strongest angel could bear the weight of such darkness.

Michael and Lucifer are but headmasters in a school, and we are the students who voluntarily signed up to learn about polarity.

War: What is it Good For?

angelSince Michael and Lucifer are best friends and brothers, and we are all here of our own accord, how and why does conflict occur? Simply put, war is an integral part of the polarity experiment. On Earth, especially, we have explored this idea of conflict, but it’s not limited to our planet. War is a universal theme. In fact, conflict has played throughout the multiverse as well the dimensions. In recent years, this war crescendo-ed to a fevered pitch due to the upcoming ascension. As Michael explained to me: “War, or the concept thereof, helps to define one’s path”. When you have such stark polarity, you must choose sides and make your declaration of allegiance.  This conflict helps determine who is ready to graduate. Those who choose the Light will move to a higher dimension, whereas beings who remain on the side of the dark are opting for more third dimensional experiences. Among those who walk in the Light, the energy of conflict forces people to further streamline themselves based on their preferences. This is the process of separation of worlds. Those who choose the Light, are effectively graduating from a one-room school to a university where they specialize in the field of their choice. This is why, at the end of every school cycle, an epic, interdimensional war is staged. Consider it your final exam.

Interdimensional War

In order to understand the nature of interdimensional war, you first need to know that you exist in more ways and forms than you can possibly imagine. There is a replica you in almost every parallel universe and dimension. (I say ‘almost’ because your persona will have withdrawn from some realities.)  This applies to all life forms, including the Angelics. That means there is an Archangel Michael in every dimension and in each parallel universe. I know this to be true because I met one of his parallel personae. This other Michael looks somewhat like our own, but he doesn’t have the same the feel. I discovered him, or rather he discovered me, when I was taken against my will through a wormhole by beings who looked like angels, but who were not from the Light. I called for help, specifically Archangel Michael’s, and this other Michael showed up. When I realized it wasn’t the Michael I knew and love, I panicked and started calling for my Michael. He arrived several seconds later. I asked him what had happened and he explained that I had traveled through several dimensions, and that it took him a few seconds to find me. His doppelganger did come to my aid when I called for him, so obviously this parallel universe was structured similarly to ours, and yet he wasn’t quite the same Michael I knew and trusted. (FYI, the beings who took me could not make me go against my will. Once I clued into what was happening, I stopped the abduction simply by staying “No!” forcefully. Calling on Michael didn’t hurt, either. We always have free will, so don’t be afraid to exert yours.)

I share this story with you because, as it turns out, the person who inspired this article was inquiring about a parallel universe Archangel Michael. Our most powerful and loving defender isn’t the same trustworthy agent for Love and Light in every realm, but that makes perfect sense to me. After all, we are here for the novelty and education of a polarity education. That means our soul is exploring every avenue of possibility throughout creation. If you’re 100% against war here, for example, then in a parallel universe you will be 99% contrary, followed by 98% against, and so on, all the way down to 0% or, in other words, 100% PRO war. This applies to all aspects of your being as well as others, including Michael and Lucifer. That means Michael is the bad guy and Lucifer is the hero in 50% of realities. And that’s exactly the way this whole experiment was designed. Your soul explores every option fearlessly and without judgment. Nothing is censored or restricted. We are free to explore to our heart’s content. And while we are delving into the darkness, and exploring these painful themes, we are still completely safe and protected, for life as we know it is but a dream our soul is having. Only the emotions and lessons are real.

Peace Reigns Supreme

As I mentioned before, we are nearing the end of our schooling cycle, and graduation day will soon be upon us. Those who have passed their finals know that they are moving onwards and upwards to new and more beautiful creations. Others are still struggling with the end of year workload, and haven’t yet chosen their path. But, for all intents and purposes, exams are over and so the war, or final drama production, is wrapping up. Michael assured me today that “war is over, save for some clean up”. That’s true, at least, in our dimensional realm. Skirmishes may still be taking place in some outposts, but Light and Love are now beaming into our world, chasing away the illusions of darkness and shadows.  As I was chatting with Michael, I became aware of Lucifer standing by his side, joking with Michael as brothers do, and the sight filled me with joy. I know that we all come from the Light, and that we all return to the Light once we retract our consciousness from this realm. Seeing the two angels together filled my heart with joy because I know my consciousness will soon be retracting from the polarity, back to the eternal Light and Love of Home.

Peace and Joy to you.

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