In Defense of Chakras

By Steve Clayton

Chakras No More

chakrasIt has been brought to my attention several times during the past few weeks that there is a new trend afoot; a trend to rid oneself of chakras.

Chakras, it is argued, are used against us in various ways: to drain our energies, to make us susceptible to negative energies, and to control us on an energetic level. You can read online about individuals who have rid themselves of their chakras. They say they have never felt better. They feel free, happy and joyful. If you are empathic, they recommended you divest yourself of your chakras immediately so as to be free of other people’s angst. (An appealing thought, I readily admit). All you have to do is ask your higher self to send energy down here to your third dimensional self.

Why Chakras?

As we travel upwards our chakras, as we understand them, morph into energetic bands that contain and define our individual energy signature. These higher dimensional energetic bands are split into the third dimensional aura and chakra systems thus allowing us to experience a new way of being; a way of being that is both positive and negative. Yes, this can be very hard on us as we try to acclimate to this new way of being but it is part of the contrast we are here to experience.The third dimension is the only place in creation where our energies are vulnerable. It is part of the polarity experiment.

Beware the Quick Fix

There is absolutely no shame in not liking life within the chakra system of the third dimensional matrix. Life here is contrary to who we really are; however, if you feel that ridding yourself of your chakras is your only option to remain here, then please exercise extreme caution. Research your options and do this properly.

For example, we know intrinsically we can survive on prana rather than eating food. Breatharians have proved this. But, that does not mean you should stop eating food tonight for good; you have to ease your way into this. The same applies to ridding yourself of your chakras. It is not your higher self’s job to do this for you. Certainly, you have free will to make the choice, but you also have the responsibility for the choice.

Bringing in higher vibrational energy is achievable, but takes practice. Bring in too much and you can short-circuit your human body. There are those who claim this can also lead to spontaneous combustion. Bring in too little or inconsistent amounts and you will ‘starve’ or otherwise damage your physical body.

Time, in this case, is of the essence. Take as much time as you need to reach this goal. I cannot stress this enough. Research and training are essential steps in this process. This process does not sit well with me, and I’m not advocating this path, but if you do choose to follow it, be safe, be careful, and be well-informed first.

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