I Think Therefore I Am

By Steve Clayton

woman-with-a-thought-bubbleWe have all encountered Descartes famous line at some time or another and most of us accept it at face value. Our thoughts are proof of our existence. If we truly want to understand the implications of these words we have to expand our awareness of what this implies. Our thoughts do not define us just as individuals; our thoughts define our whole reality. All of creation hinges on how we perceive it.

Food is not the most powerful drug

The debate over what is the most powerful drug continues on, with food now considered by many to be the most influential and powerful substance we can consume. In reality it comes in second, for it is our thoughts that are the most powerful substance we internalize. They affect us on every level. Life in the third dimension is the physical manifestation of Conscious Energy thinking about existing in a physical form. We as individuals are exploring all aspects of this creation. We do this through our thoughts. What we think determines what we feel and how we feel determines how we act, or react, if we opt for the passive route. Positive thinking leads to a positive experience while negative thinking produces a negative experience.

Creating your own motion picture

Your thoughts create the movie of your life and, as producer, director and star; you alone determine how your life manifests physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I cannot emphasize enough that it is you who determines your health in all four aspects of your existence. For example, if you do not want to experience a certain illness in this life time, then think, “This illness is not real”. You have not written it into your movie script. It is not in your paradigm and does not exist for you in this life. Write the life you wish to experience, not the life someone else wants to experience.

A loving point of view

I believe everything comes from Love, that everything here in this creation is the physical manifestation of Love. If you chose to think and write your life story from this from this point of view you will create a very beautiful and positive experience. Of course, the choice is yours, and you alone determine what is real for you. Think about that.

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