Hope Is In the Air

By Steve Clayton

Wrapped in Peace

I was motivated to do a short meditation in the freshly fallen snow. As I made myself comfortable against the ash tree in our backyard, I was immediately ensconced in feelings of great peace. I knew I was no longer in our suburban reality, but dared not open my eyes for fear of losing these feelings.

Colours Indescribable

As I sank deeper into this peaceful womb, I began to see colours; brilliant colours, beginning with an intense red that softened into pink, gold, yellow, green, blue and a myriad of other colours I could not begin to identify. I love the colours in our reality, but what I saw during my meditation makes me feel as if they are only in their infancy in this dimension. What they will become as we ascend is phenomenal!

Parallels and Unity

As these bright, exotic and peaceful colours flowed through and around me, I had a sense of belonging, not just for me but also for everyone and everything expressed here in all our beauty and ugliness. The myth of polarity is just that, a myth. We truly come from something that is not only greater than we are in our infancy; it is actually ourselves at a higher dimension. Everyone is welcome. There was no judgement in what I experienced, only loving acceptance.

Stepping Outside the Illusion

Whatever way you wish to encourage your own growth, your own expansion, do so with a loving heart and an open mind. As Hamlet said, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. Each of us is gifted with the potential to expand, to experience new and greater realities. It is not only our hope and our salvation, but also who we are.

About the Author

Steve Clayton is a Gaian Angel whose heart is rooted to Mother Earth’s crystalline heart and to Source. He channels pure healing energy to people and animals worldwide. Steve specializes in Naturopathic Consultations and Full-Spectrum Vibrational Energy Healing.

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