Hold the mustard…I like my chakras as is

By Steve Clayton

We live in an age when condiments have eclipsed the nutritional value of meals. Just read the ingredients on the majority of condiments. If you manage to pronounce these ingredients, do you have any idea what they are or how they react with your internal workings? Condiments have grown in both number and complexity; just look at the variety of BBQ and other sauces imitating every taste we can – and, in some case, don’t want to – imagine.

Decades past, when our haste to avoid the inevitable overwhelmed common sense, we as a society did our best to remove salt, butter, sugar and fat from our diet. We did so at the cost of taste, and then had to scrambled to fill the flavour void with chemical substitutes; additives which our bodies do not recognize nor know how to deal with. On top of that we have learned to genetically modify our foods, not for our own benefit but to make more money for those who own this new technology.

Franken crops and Franken fish are showing up on store shelves and, subsequently on our plates. These have, on a genetic level, the potential to do more harm than the plague.

Someone recently said to me,

“Food is our source of life. It is what gives us energy to keep the body going, so why are we messing with it?”

Unfortunately I cannot think of an answer that makes any sense.

At the same time, I heard of another ‘attack’ on our energy sources. This time it was on the chakra system. Some people are now claiming the chakra system is not natural to the body; it was placed within us to make it easier for other life forms to steal out energy. These same people claim New Age children do not want their chakras open for this very reason. I cannot neither prove nor disprove this assertion, but I will say this: we live in the world of polarity; nothing is all good or all bad.

Could our chakra system be used against us?

Of course it could, but that would be our own fault rather than that of the chakra system. Some of the most poisonous snake venom in the world are used to make some of our strongest medications. How many of our ‘good’ inventions and ideas have been turned into lethal and horrible weapons. Everything boils down to the intention of the persons involved. If you do not want your chakras used against you as an easy energy access conduit, then set your intention accordingly.

Energy follows thought.

Charge your outer aura layer fully and keep it that way setting the intention, ‘Love in, Love out’ or whatever works best for you. It is your chakra system and you alone are responsible for how it is used. As for me, I only use Love in my chakra system: no other additives needed.

2 thoughts on “Hold the mustard…I like my chakras as is

  • Kim

    Hi Steve,

    I used to work in the food industry. Some of the reasons for using genetically modified foods are well-intentioned, like being able to increase yield in order to have sufficient food supply for 7-8 billion people (protect crops from disease, etc). The risks and consequences were unknown. Not everyone involved was out to get rich or make a buck. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kim. We realize that much of what has transpired was done with good intentions. It’s good to be reminded not to paint everyone with the same brush. 🙂

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