Healing Haikus

Wake within the dream
Discover hidden knowledge
That will change your life

The freedom to be
Is a most wonderful gift
To give to yourself

Set your paradigm
Inwardly and outwardly
To be filled with Love

Sit still in nature
Release all pent up tensions
Let inner peace bloom

Focus on yourself
Be more loving, forgiving
Then do for others

Unique expression
Of all the love you are is
Your gift to the world
Charline Richard

Your soul is dreaming
You are that dream. Learn now to
Wake within the dream

The embodiment
Of all that is lay within
Your heart’s potential

Mystical moonlight
Imbued with Goddess magic
Bathing us in love

Stay in the moment,
Try to capture it you risk
Missing its essence

You deserve your love
And to be loved – remember
You’re one of a kind

The love in your heart
Is to be shared with the Earth
And all Her children

Your true potential
Is only limited by
Your degree of doubt

Stress fractures the mind
Avoidance is ego’s trap
Love’s the soul’s cure

Following your heart
Takes great determination
And self-acceptance

Hatred leads nowhere
For spiritual progress
Practice forgiveness

Stop over-thinking
Or doing what’s expected
Simply … be … yourself

Love makes us unique,
One of a kind, while ego
Fears diversity

All types of bullies,
Including spiritual,
Hide deep self-loathing

Your health will improve
When you start loving yourself
Instead of judging

There’s a belief that
Suppressing a symptom’s
A cure: it is wrong

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