Healing Haikus

The true love you are
Unconditionally waits
For you to notice

People do their best
(The best they can) – forgive them
When they make mistakes

Life waits for no one
It is here, it is now. Jump
In with open heart

Live your potential
For it’s in your potential
That you find yourself

Dreams of the ego
Live in the third dimension
But your soul does not

Who you really are
Depends upon the courage
You have to be you

One’s freedom of choice
Should never manipulate
Another’s freedom

Where you are today
Is the future’s reflection
Of yesterday’s thoughts

The light in your heart
Is always there to lead you
Allow it to shine

True freedom in life
Blossoms when you understand
You were born complete

Beautiful morning
How may I be of service
In the world today

People’s approval
Is not needed when you choose
To follow your heart

To be your own guide
You must first learn to listen
With a loving heart

Love and energy
Are eternal – luckily
You’re comprised of these

Always remember
There is no one who’s perfect
Ease up on yourself

A unique treasure:
D.N.A. – life’s mysteries
Encoded in light

Hidden treasures lay
Within waiting to be found
When you are ready

Spiritual gifts
And spirituality
Don’t go hand in hand

Rediscover you
Cellular memories wake
With time in nature

Judging does not solve
It does not end a problem.
Offer help instead

Love based or fear based
Looking through binoculars
Or wading right in

Learning about love
is not the hard part; learning
that you are Love, is

Look within yourself
Not with a critical eye
But with open mind

Memories are made
Being involved in the moment
Not just by watching

Forgiveness heals all
Guilt or hurt cannot take root
In a bed of love

Remember one thing
before your ego jumps in,
Spirit heals through you

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