Goddess Healing

By Kim Hutchinson

goddessAs I sat down to write this article, I asked the angels for a sign. What message did they wish to share with everyone today? I heard very clearly to pick up my angel decks and ask for guidance, so I did. The Goddess deck called to me initially but I resisted because I believed my intellect had influenced the selection. You see, during this past week I have been creating a workshop entitled ‘Goddess Rising’. I presumed therefore that my focus on the Goddess was pulling my eyes to the Goddess deck, so instead I opted for my second choice, the Angel Therapy cards. I shuffled the deck and asked the angels again for sign. Up came the Goddess card. OK, I got the point!

“So, why this sudden focus on the Goddess?”, you might ask, or maybe you’re wondering whom or what is the Goddess. If so, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Oddly, this topic is not nearly as mainstream as it should be. That certainly was my impression as I set out this week researching the Goddess. What began as an enthusiastic idea soon devolved into a frustrating and confusing exercise. It would seem the Goddess influence has not been recognized as clearly as one would think. Then again, when you look at the devaluation of women during the past two thousand years, I guess it isn’t that surprising after all. So, let’s back things up a bit and look at the concept we call Goddess.

Who is the Goddess?

The Goddess is the female half of God. For those of you who do not understand what I’m talking about, think of the infinity sign. It looks like a figure 8 laying on its side. When I envision God, I see this mathematical sign. That’s not typical of me, for you see I have (or rather, had) a math phobia. I have never connected to numbers; that is, until I started working with angels. Now I see beauty in numbers, mathematics, and geometry. Who would have guessed that? Certainly not I. Anyway, the day I asked the angels to show me God, and they presented the infinity symbol in lieu of a personification of Godly energy, I was surprised to say the least. Still, it had a certain elegance and simplicity to it. I also recognized the significance of the two equal halves of the symbol. It looks like two attached perfect circles. The energy that flows through one half also flows into the other in equal measure. Together, the union of the two circles forms one perfect whole concept: unlimited (infinite) love. This is the love generated by the two halves for each other and for all creation. One half is male, the other female. Together they represent the perfect parents: Mother God and Father God. That is what the Goddess represents…one half of the perfect union. Even though it may appear the two halves are separate, the are not. They are forever linked in a perfect bond. Their energies co-mingle to form one perfect energy.

Why are there so few references to the Goddess?

Knowing then that the Goddess forms one half of the concept we know as God, why are there so few references to her? Well, that is a weighty and sensitive topic, and one that I will not delve into today. Suffice as to say, the feminine in all her forms has been suppressed for far too long. If you don’t believe me, simply pick up a history book and count the number of references to women. Enough said. So, knowing that all things female have been ostracized for far too long, it makes perfect sense that the Goddess energy is low. Even if you don’t agree with me about the concept of the Goddess, I’m sure you can see how out of balance the world is today. What harm is there then in embracing the divine feminine archetype if that somehow helps to restore peace, love, harmony and order upon the Earth? All you have to do is be open to the concept.

How do we restore balance?

The easiest way to embrace the energy of the Goddess is to honour Mother Earth. She is a powerful source of divine feminine energy. Why do I personify our planet as ‘She’? Well, that’s simple. Earth is a living organism, just as we are. She just takes a different form than us. Her energy is powerfully feminine because of her ability to nourish and supply us will all our physical needs.

During the Paleolithic era, a time that represents almost 99% of human history, societies were relatively gender-neutral. During this time, women were essentially afforded equal rights. They held political, religious and community leadership roles. Not coincidentally, these societies worshipped the Goddess energy. During the past 20 centuries of patriarchal rule however, the feminine was eclipsed. Our history books are rife with wars and unspeakable acts of cruelty and today we are facing a potential global environmental crisis that could spell the end of humankind. If ever there was a time to reassess our belief systems, this is it.

Heal Mother Earth, Heal Ourselves

I believe very strongly that our planet is crying out for help. This cry however is not for her own well-being. No, she will survive global warming, deforestation, acid rain and all the other atrocities we humans keep committing in the name of progress and profit. Instead, our beloved Mother Earth is crying out for us to save ourselves. We are truly our own worst enemy. We have become disconnected from the cycle of life. We must ‘plug in’ to Mother Earth again, and live in harmony with her natural rhythms. We need to boost our awareness of, and appreciation for, the Divine feminine energy so that we can tap into her nurturing qualities, restore balance, and hopefully return to a more peaceful way of life. To that end, it would behoove us to remember the perfect balance of God/ Goddess energy as best expressed by the infinity symbol. To further aid you, try reciting this simple mantra:

Love yourself, love Mother Earth.
Love Mother Earth, love yourself.

Heal yourself, heal Mother Earth.
Heal Mother Earth, heal yourself.

Peace within, peace on Earth.
Peace on Earth, peace within.

Wishing you all love, healing, and peace.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. (Insurance receipts provided for in-person healings.) For more information, or to book a healing, please visit clayhuthealing.ca

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