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By Kim Hutchinson
The Hay House World Summit has started, and it’s amazing both in its scope and variety, especially given that it’s completely free! If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s what they’re offering:
  • free online event that lasts for 18 days
  • 100 lessons from the world’s leading experts
  • 15 inspirational films
  • upon registration, you can immediately download the World Summit Welcome Kit to help you get the most out of your Summit experience

Here are some highlights



  • Renowned medium and best-selling author, James Van Praagh talks about the illusion of separation and loneliness, the ways in which fear plays into our lives and why he isn’t afraid of death.
  • David Hamilton explains that when we are kind or receive kindness from others, molecules of oxytocin and nitric oxide expand our arteries, lowering our blood pressure. Listen in to learn more about the science behind kindness.
  • World-renowned psychotherapists and sexologists Mike Lousada and Louise Mazanti share how almost everything that society teaches you about your sexuality is misleading. Discover powerful ways to experience the intimacy and aliveness that we all long for deep down.
  • Barbara De Angelis makes the revelatory assertion that love is not a feeling, behavior, or relationship with another person; instead it’s an infinite energy field connecting to and flowing through all things. Barbara talks about how to tap into that energy field to solve the problems in our lives.You’ll be equipped with easy exercises to help you better connect with your inner self and others.


  • Learn from 25 years of experience as Julie Ann Cairns reveals how she turned her relationship with money on its head and finally found abundance. Julie Ann educates listeners about the five conditions needed to attract and maintain abundance.
  • Kate Northrup explains how feminine energy revitalizes the workplace and how it differs from male energy. She shares many personal stories, from her journey to financial freedom.
  • Pam Grout believes that gratitude is an essential shortcut to manifestation, and introduces her concept of the five capitals (hint: financial capital is not one of them).
  • Carrie Green set up her own online business and has since developed it into a global network of 300,000 devotees. Carrie answers all the questions that budding entrepreneurs grapple with, and covers topics such as how to deal with self-doubt and move past frustrations and overwhelm. Manifest abundance with various techniques to prepare you for the task at hand: striving with intentionality toward things that matter to you.


  • Lifestyle designer and coach Kerri Richardson cuts through the clutter to help you find the messenger in your mess, obliterating your old thinking and opening the path to feeling present and centered.
  • Nick Ortner is one of the foremost teachers of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or “Tapping” for short). Listeners can follow along as Nick guides two tapping sequences with immediate results.
  • Listen as Hay House founder Louise Hay joins David Kessler on his radio show to take calls from listeners and offer loving guidance to those in need.Find useful worksheets and other tools by these and many other authors to help you discover and execute your life’s true purpose.


  • Alan Cohen explains why we need to live from our own connection to Spirit, rather than under external influences; how we can combat the “inner terrorist” in all of us; and how to tap into an inner clarity, love, and power so great that nothing outside us can take it away.
  • Doreen Virtue offers life advice directly from the angels, including how to approach our seemingly fruitless, yet constant, pursuit of happiness. Doreen recommends monitoring how you feel and react in each situation and relationship.
  • Denise Linn shares how her conventional upbringing and a terrifying near-death experience led heron an amazing spiritual path toward healing, oneness, and love, as well as a lifelong passion for understanding our sense of self.
  • Gregg Braden explains what fossil records tells us about where we really come from, why Darwinian ideas of conflict and competition no longer apply, and how we can learn to tap the extraordinary capabilities we’re wired for.Obtaining mastery gives you the power to change your life through the process of taking responsibility for your thoughts, your actions, and yourself.

There’s so much more, but you get the idea. I highly recommend taking advantage of this incredible offering. Join me for free!

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