Feel the Love!

gratitude-and-loveBy Kim Hutchinson

As the angels promised, a wave of love blanketed our planet on February 14th thereby helping a heart-based consciousness to take root. The energy came peacefully and without fanfare in the wee hours of the morning as most lay sleeping unaware. Even though it didn’t feel the way I had anticipated, I was intrigued by the new energy. It felt ‘loamy’ like a fine top soil, rich in nutrients and ready for planting. It also appeared light and frothy, as though it was buoying our souls, creating a barrier between us and the heavier, denser energies of the old third dimension. This energy blanket immediately began helping our new ideals to germinate and take root.

Valentine’s Day was selected as the arrival date so as to ensure the energy was infused with our loving thoughts. Archangels Chamuel and Raphael sent the pink wave of unconditional love with the intention of elevating everyone’s root chakras from the base of the spine to the heart. The red hearts associated with Valentine’s Day gave us the visual clues we needed to achieve this monumental energy shift. (Red is the colour of the root chakra, and the heart shape represents the heart chakra.) For instance, in the weeks preceding the wave of love, a scene from the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ kept playing in my mind. At a Valentine’s Day party hosted by Julia Child, the dinner guests had giant red hearts pinned to their chests. Inspired by this joyful scene, I gave out heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cards, adorned our table in red-on-red hearts, threw a Valentine’s Day dinner party, ate lots of cinnamon hearts, purchased a heart-shaped rose quartz crystal, went out to dinner, and celebrated at a Valentine’s house party…and I still feel like celebrating the love!

Despite this beautiful wave of love encompassing our planet, many people are still experiencing a cycle of highs and lows. Old issues are cropping up in need of final purging and healing, and we feel exhausted because this intensive healing is taking most of our energy. I have been sleeping 9 – 12 hours per night and living in my pajamas most days, only getting dressed when I have an in-person angel reading. I am also ravenously hungry but, despite consuming more calories and exercising far less, I haven’t gained weight. Obviously, the healing process is burning off the calories. I’ve also developed quite the sweet tooth this month. For the past several months, I’ve had an intense craving for salt, but this month my taste buds began craving sugar. The salt craving indicated that I was stressed out, whereas the sugar craving indicates my desire to feel good.

Aside from having old emotional triggers extracted from me, I noticed that, for the first time in my adult life, I feel no stress. No stress! This is an almost inconceivable notion. Many of us run on high octane stress and so our nervous system is always on high alert. That, in turn, fuels our energy levels. Once the stressors are removed, however, the nervous energy also dissipates. So, many people mistake the symptoms of ascension with those of the flu, while others assume they are suffering from SADD or a vitamin deficiency. In actuality, they are noticing a profound lack of stress and, in its absence, a feeling of peaceful relaxation that is mistaken for exhaustion. As for those who actually do contract the flu, they are allowing their bodies to purge in a different fashion, while at the same time enjoying a much deserved rest.

In conclusion, the message this month from the angels is to “go with the flow”. Honour your body’s need for sleep and extra calories. Cut back on your commitments and give yourself time to retreat and relax. Don’t push yourself to keep going when your body tells you to stop. If you do contract the flu, understand that it is helping to purge your system of old toxins as well as forcing you to slow down and rest. Remember though, you don’t need to suffer through the flu if you honour your body’s instincts. Most of all don’t panic when old triggers are reactivated. Think instead of a dentist extracting a tooth. Imagine that most of the tooth came out, but that it has very deep roots which remained embedded in the gums. These roots run deep and they carry old trauma and toxins within them. As painful as it may be to have them removed, it is necessary for your healing. Once the roots are plucked out, the pain will stop and the healing will begin. You must allow the old triggers to be rooted out of your sub-conscious so that you can ascend to a higher, heart-based level of consciousness. Don’t fight the process. Just go with the flow.

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