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Facing Reality

By Steve Clayton

Having a title like the one above opens the flood gates for a discussion of ‘What is Reality?’ There seems to be a consensus these days that reality is what you make of it. You, alone, determine how you are going to react to or view a situation. This is true, but there is a catch…a Catch-22 to be exact. If you have never read Heller’s book, Catch-22 was an air force rule that stated only insane pilots could not fly on bombing missions that not only put their lives in jeopardy but killed as many if not more civilians than strategic enemy targets and men. If a pilot refused to fly, which was proof the pilot was sane because he understood the situation and therefore could not be excused from the mission. If a pilot kept quiet and did not express his views about bombing missions, he was sent on them because he was not objecting to going. Either way the pilots were, to be polite, between a rock and a hard place.

Much the same can be said of life in the third dimension. We are souls having a human experience and to make this experience worthwhile we souls are given a human body and an ego in order to understand polarity and all things that we are not. How can we truly know what love is if we have never experienced hate? What light is without dark? Inside our 3-D selves is a blending of light and dark and we must to face that darkness within if we are to grow. Our souls have to sit back (no doubt often in horror) as they watch their human half struggle to overcome polarity in all forms without committing egregious acts.

One of the hardest things for a person to do once they have embarked on their spiritual path, is to admit they have a dark side. Their refusal amounts to hoping that, by ignoring their dark side, it will go away. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Our dark side is there to teach us who we are. This does not give us permission to go out and hurt others or commit horrendous acts. Rather it shows us the wide range of reactions we can have to different situations, reactions that run the gamut from breathtakingly beautiful to disgustingly bad. What must be remembered is that we should not be judged because we have such a wide range of reactions; they are part and parcel of life. These reactions occur inside us and are not made real until we act upon one of them. It is our choosing of how to act in relation to any given situation that determines our reality. If we choose to act from the heart and not from the darkness within then we will have much more enjoyable experience and, thereby, a much more enjoyable life, as will those with whom we interact.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

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