Equinox, Supermoon, Solar Eclipse, oh my!

By Kim Hutchinson

Friday March 20, 2015 is gearing up to be a significant day, astrologically speaking. We we will experience a Solar Eclipse and a Supermoon in conjunction with the Spring Equinox. This is both a rare, and highly energetic, event.

So what does this mean for us?

In a word, CHANGE. Going back to ancient times, eclipses have always signified times of evolution.We are beginning a new cycle, and this herolds big changes. Spring is about rebirth and the dawning of all things new and exciting. This is also the last of seven Pluto-Uranus Square alignments. Pluto assists us with evolutionary leaps, and Uranus helps to detach us from old conditioning. As we are entering the sign of Aries, the trail-blazing individual, these shifts will be felt on a personal level.

The build-up to this has been intense. Solar flare activity has been high causing angry, fiery outbursts and conflicts. Many souls chose to depart this realm in these past two weeks. Those of us who stayed have experienced Intense emotional and physical purging. For many this came in the form of virulent flus and colds. We’re being inundated with ‘learning opportunities’, which are lessons disguised as problems, in order to prepare us for entry into 5D. Time has also been accelerating as we move closer and closer to no-time/ now time when all things happen simultaneously.

This is all part of the detachment from the old matrix. As life becomes increasingly more uncomfortable and stressful, the need and desire for change grows.

What kind of changes might we expect to experience?

Right now, anything is possible. If you’re reading this article, then chances are you are on the leading edge of the ascension and are, therefore, helping birth a new paradigm. What you desire is becoming manifest. The seeds have been planted, and now the time is ripe for them to blossom into being.

Think of tomorrow’s alignment as a cosmic green light for the first wave / awakened ones (i.e. Earth Angels, Indigos, Crystal and Rainbow Kids, the Starseeds, the Hippies, the Back-to-Earthers, and all the Wise Ones who have been helping to anchor unity consciousness). The message is is clear: out with the old, in with the ‘new’. In truth the new is very old; much older, in fact, that the 3D/4D matrix. It’s about a return to Love.

How can we best make use of this energy?

The ideal scenario would be to revisit your dreams of a perfect world. If you could experience Heaven on Earth, how would it look and feel? What would you like to experience? How would you want to live your life? Remember, anything is possible. Be sure to DREAM BIG!

The ascension isn’t happening to you; it is happening because of you. In the words of the Hopi, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. What you choose to focus your energy and time on today is what you will see more of in the future. If you are caught up in the mundane, and you desire a more magical existence, then shift your attention to the realm of dreams. Focus on the future you desire for you are the one who is creating it. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, as Mahatma Gandhi said. Use tomorrow’s energy to propel you into a 5D mind/heart set where unity consciousness and universal love are paramount. Together, we can dream a loving new world into existence.

If you are struggling with this, check to ensure that you aren’t actually resisting the process. Throughout the coming weeks and months, the most important thing you can do, besides staying focused on your dreams, is to go with the flow. Non-resistance is the only way to make it through this process intact. Trust that you are being cared for by your guides and angels, and just let yourself detach from the need to control everything.

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