EMF Mitigation Upgrade

If you are like us, you probably have a heightened sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields. These EMFs are ever-increasing, and they can be disruptive to your holistic well-being. Clients frequently ask us what we use to shield ourselves from these fields. In addition to the protective power of shungite, we tell them about Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE).

About FLFE

This service uses  technology similar to what Nikola Tesla worked with in his lifetime. The founders of FLFE have developed a way to harness the life-force energy that is all around us – call it chi, prana, or mana – and direct it to specific locations and objects.

Working in conjunction with Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, the service creates a field that reaches the level of unconditional love. That’s the same level that has been created over years of devotion at a sacred site.

EMF Mitigation Upgrade

FLFE’s EMF Mitigation Program is a big part of what they offer.

Recently, FLFE upgraded their service to include more EMF Mitigation. This upgrade will support those with EMF sensitivities. It works by adding the energetic signature of a blend of materials such as iron, manganese, and zinc to the FLFE field.

Prior to this upgrade, only consciousness-lowering EMFs were transformed into consciousness-raising EMFs. Now, even neutral EMFs are mitigated. This means more harmonization, especially noticeable for those with EMF sensitivities.

The FLFE field also includes programs that clear past negative energy of a property, health benefits to support the optimal environment for the physical body, and a 5G mitigation program.

FLFE works toward what is in the highest and best good for all of humanity.

All FLFE subscriptions come with an EMF mitigation program, and are free to try.

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