Don’t Put Life on Hold While Waiting for Ascension

By Kim Hutchinson

AscensionSince December, I have been fielding questions from people who wish to know how to proceed with their 3-D life while preparing for a 5-D existence. I consulted with Archangel Michael and his answer was simple:

“Keep living your life as though nothing will change, BUT hold in your heart the intention to dream a new dream.”

To put this in practical terms:

  • Don’t put your life on hold. Continue to plan for the future. This includes:
    • Getting married
    • Having a child
    • Moving
    • Changing jobs
    • Changing partners
  • Be sensible with your finances:
    • Pay your bills and taxes.
    • Don’t ring up a high credit card bill in the hope that you won’t have to repay.
    • Plan for your financial future.
  • Don’t neglect your well-being:
    • Care for your body.
    • Visit family and friends regularly.
    • Do things that make you happy.

Essentially, don’t stop living your life in anticipation of the future.

The Danger of Living for a Future Event

In this particular case we’re talking about ascension, but this advice applies to all aspects of life. You must live in the Now. You cannot live in the future. Worrying about, or anxiously anticipating, the future will not make you happy today. The more emphasis you put on a future event, the less energy, time and desire you have for the present. You literally rob yourself of joy. You also open yourself up to a plethora of ego fears. Think, for example, about your financial situation. It may not be rosy today, but if you were to ignore it in hopes of moving into a moneyless realm in the future, you would only serve to compound your financial stress in the here and now. That, in turn, may be enough to block you from experiencing the very thing you desire. So it is vitally important that you not feed your fears by trying to escape them.

There is Hope

Before you despair, please note that Archangel Michael and I are not saying that the future isn’t golden; we’re simply advocating sensibility. The ascension process is well underway. (Note I said ‘process’ and not ‘event’? Ascension doesn’t happen instantaneously.) Many people are shifting from the left-brain into their heart. This is the real ascension. It’s not external, at least not in the beginning. Once enough of us have become heart-centered, we will change the external world. Money, illness, violence, and other 3-D elements will be replaced by higher vibrational manifestations; but, before we can create this new world, we have to master living in the heart. Many people are still projecting their ego fears into the shared consciousness. The good news is that the power of the heart far outweighs that of the brain. That means a minority can indeed change the world for the better.

To be a part of that change, live in your heart as much as possible, practice daily meditation, and avoid feeding your ego fears by staying engaged in your current life.

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