Divinely Human

“… we may also lift our hands to touch the edge of our faces and discover, asleep or awake, as animals and divinities, we are human.”  – The Stone Canoe

divinely humanWe are human, a blending of animal and divine. As in any successful blend the ratio of the components has to be in balance. A car engine is a fine example. To run it requires a blending of air and gas with a spark to set it in motion. Too much gas, the engine floods; too much air the engine sputters. In both cases the engine does not start or does not run smoothly.

As animals and divinities, we are human.

For this blending to work both of these aspects must be honoured equally. If we live our lives concentrating solely on our animal side, feeding only our physical needs, we are left wanting with a life devoid of any deeper meaning. Conversely, if we concentrate solely on our spiritual needs, our physical side can weaken or wither as the joy of life is denied.

How do we find this balance, this perfect blending?

We stay true to ourselves. We follow our hearts and we see the joy in all aspects of life. Just as importantly, we do not place limits upon ourselves. Metaphorically, this means not painting ourselves into a corner, thereby becoming one dimensional.

Life is a miracle full of unlimited potential for joy, discovery and wonder. So are we. Life here in this dimension is just one experience in our soul’s existence, but it is an experience to be enjoyed fully, completely, from the perspective of the person we are. Each of us is an individual, one of a kind, and will never exist again in this particular form again.

Make the most of life by being your divinely human self.

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