Finding Your Truth: Poem by Steve Clayton

Finding Your Truth

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By Steve Clayton The hardest of tasks: To truly know the real you Beneath all the myths What is easier: Walk away from history Or to play the game? You are magical Until your spirit’s broken By the well-meaning They disguise their fear In their made up histories Plastic wrapped spirit Fear fears difference Though […]

Proof of a Timeline Jump?

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In an old album, I discovered several of my baby photos that I had not seen before, and I have no idea how they got there. Nothing about these pictures makes any sense to me, yet, somehow, I am now in the possession of five ‘new’ photos of my childhood. Could these photos have come from an alternate reality? Are they evidence of a timeline jump?

Ascension: Choosing a Higher Path; Anchoring to 7D

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By Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson Does your heart yearn for a more harmonious and loving experience with all life on a higher dimension, or are you still in love with the contrast that the third dimension provides? Do you wish to stay with the Earth as she makes her ascent back to her seventh […]

New Services

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Multidimensional Guidance After a much-needed self-healing hiatus, Kim is happy to be back helping people again. She is even more excited to be offering a new approach. Source told Kim to focus on transformation, rather than healing. While meditating on how to accomplish this, Kim realized the best approach was to provide a spiritual guidance comprised […]


Kim in Newsweek’s Spiritual Living

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Kim’s Contribution Kim was interviewed by Newsweek Magazine for their Spiritual Living Special Edition. The article is called The Spirit Awakens and appears on pages 88 – 91. Magazine Content The Secret to Peace and Happiness To live a spiritual life is to be better connected with the universe around you. This 100-page, special edition of Newsweek is […]

2016 Ascension Forecast: Three Waves

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By Kim Hutchinson Much has changed for humanity in the past year even though, superficially, things look basically the same. If you were hoping for a visible change in the world by now, you might be disappointed; however, there are plenty of reasons to be happy. When looking for proof that things are changing for […]

The Third Wave Awakens a ReLOVEution

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By Kim Hutchinson Big Changes Two months ago, I received a message from my angelic guides. They told me, “The time for playing it safe and cloaking yourself is over. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Go big!” Well, they weren’t kidding! Big, BIG changes are happening now. As if to validate the angels’ […]

Seven (Typical) Stages of Spiritual Awakening

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By Kim Hutchinson Spiritual awakening is the expansion of consciousness. Think of it as awakening from a dream. People who are undergoing the awakening process generally move through the following seven steps. A person can go through these levels in almost any order. For instance, one could cycle back to the first level (the Catalyst) after every subsequent level. […]

Awakening and Ascension

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By Kim Hutchinson Awakening is the realization that you are plugged into the Matrix of fear; ascension is the process of unplugging from the drama and creating a new, loving shared vision with light-minded souls. The process of ascension is more about releasing the human perspective and embracing your soul’s authentic and eternal wisdom of […]

Spiritual Ascension: Graduation Day

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By Kim Hutchinson For a change of pace, my message this month is in video format. If you have problems viewing the video, or prefer the written word, here is the transcript of my video: as•cend v. : To go or move upward; rise. Part I: Awakening “Life is but a dream” In order to understand […]

Goddess Awakening Workshop

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Date / Time: Sat. May 2nd from 10 am – 4 pm The workshop will include: Goddess Invocations & Affirmations Guided Meditation to Meet the Goddess Within Goddess Crystals & Stones Goddess Oracle Card Readings Belly Dancing and Veil Play Mother Earth Healing …and more! Facilitators : Kim Hutchinson (Clayhut Healing Centre Inc.) Martine Boudreau […]