Our Animal Companions

By Steve Clayton As your relationship with your animal companion deepens do […]

Third Trimester Ascension Symptoms

By Kim Hutchinson It helps, when discussing ascension, to liken the process […]

Rough on Relationships

2013 has been very hard on many relationships. The majority of my […]

The Light Side of the Dark Night of the Soul

By Kim Hutchinson The phenomenon known as the Dark Night of the […]

Winter 2013 Ascension Symptoms

By Kim Hutchinson How are the ascending energies affecting you? Personally, I have […]

Advanced Ascension Symptoms

By Kim Hutchinson For those of you who are waist-deep in ascension […]

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Ascension Updates with Archangel Michael

By Kim Hutchinson As a preview for my upcoming talk called “Archangels […]

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Ascension Update: Feb. 2012

By Kim Hutchinson How are you feeling these days? Have your emotions […]

Ascension Update: Jan. 2012

By Kim Hutchinson Well, the big year is upon us! After so […]

Ascension Symptoms: Nov. 11 to Dec.11, 2011

By Kim Hutchinson I don’t know about you, but I’ve found the […]

11.11.11 Back Pain

By Kim Hutchinson Since midday, I’ve been mulling over ideas for my […]

Our 11.11.11 Experiences

By Kim Hutchinson and Steve Clayton Wee Hours of 11.11.11 Steve: At […]