Believe in Yourself

By Steve Clayton

thumbs-upWell, here we are another month closer to springtime and all the promise this change of season brings. I find it amazing how quickly time is flying by, and I am reminded of a snippet of a conversation I had with my father when he was in his late eighties. I had remarked how much faster time seemed to be passing once I had reached my forties. Dad told me to wait until I was in my eighties and see how fast time passed then. Years went by as if months. I said days must go by like minutes, he nodded, and I exclaimed, “How do you get anything done?” He smiled knowingly and replied “Very easily. You can accomplish a lot when a minute seems as long as a day.” We both chuckled at that but it is only now that I approach my fifties that I can appreciate the wisdom behind his words. Life really is a matter of perspective. How you choose to look at life in general and your own life in particular creates the type of life you will live. A positive attitude, a negative attitude, happy or sad, grateful or envious, these outlooks are totally up to you. You can relinquish these decisions to someone or something else. The relief at not having to take the responsibility for your own life may feel freeing at first but this is only temporary. You will never be truly happy if you are always living someone else’s vision of who you are.

This past month has been full of trials and tribulations for me. I’ve participated in a number of successful distance healings and encountered some negative (ego based) reactions from others whose initial healings went very well. When I am performing a hands-on healing or a distance healing I feel many things, namely the person’s energy field, but I will also receive psychic information in the form of a ‘feeling’ or picture that flashes for a split second within me. I will convey what I experience to the person, believing I am picking up the ‘message’ for a reason. People may be surprised at first and, depending on the message, may deny what I am saying, but as they think about it, they usually realize that it is pertinent to them. What I find most distressing is the reaction I receive when I am telling someone how good he or she is.

If I may digress for a moment, this is an important time in the evolution of humanity and of the Earth as well. The Mayans talked about 2012 and the shift that will come to humanity as it evolves into the fifth dimension, becoming more spiritual. (There are a number of different spins on the meaning of 2012 but I do not buy into any of the fear-based ones.) 2012 signifies a positive step forward for the human race and, because of this, there are vast numbers of Lightworkers among us to help make the transition as easy as possible. (I am really simplifying this for expediency’s sake.)

There are many among us from the various realms of Angels and Earth Angels. Kim encounters them all the time and I meet quite a few too. I can understand people’s reluctance at first to believe they are an angel of any type.  They do not feel worthy enough or believe that they are too imperfect to be an angel. This is understandable as Angels have been placed on a high pedestal. What I tell people is this: You may be an angel but you are an angel in a human body having a human experience in the world of form. This experience (life) is not going to be easy or perfect but it does not negate the truth about who you are. Often these people will deny that they could be an angel because of one tiny fault they have found in themselves and have blown out of proportion. This falls back to the human trait that most of us can hear one hundred good things about ourselves and one negative thing, and we will concentrate on that one negative aspect.  Unfortunately when we do this, we may be denying ourselves and others of something worthwhile because of someone else’s opinion.

While I thought about this I picked up my deck of Power Animal Oracle cards, something I have not done for a while, and two cards jumped out at me: The Eagle (Spirit – Trust in your higher self) and Raven (Magic – Own your power). How apropos! These are messages for all of us; not just the Angels and Lightworkers among us. Trust in your higher self. Believe you have a soul and a purpose here on Earth and own up to that. We are not all here to save the whole world but we may be here to save a little piece of it. Do not let someone else take that away from you. Life is a gift, live it to the fullest. Help wherever you can. Help in a big way or a small way. Help in any form is beneficial to both the receiver and the giver. Help unites us all. Please do not deny yourself of your true potential based on an egoistic judgment, be it your own or someone else’s. Believe in yourself and allow your soul to soar in its natural form, and the world will be a much better place by experiencing the real true you.

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