Angel Q&A: 11:11, Law of Attraction, Lightworkers

By Kim Hutchinson

Earth Angel - LightworkerQ: I have seen very, very often I would say twice a day the hour 11:11 on the clock radio, computer, microwave – what is that sign telling me?

A: 11:11 is the number sequence that receives the most inquiries. That is because it holds within it a powerful awakening code. If you break down the sequence into single digits, you have four 1’s. 4 is the number of the angels, and 1 is the number of beginnings. When the number 1 appears, it signifies that you are beginning a new phase of your life. It is important therefore to keep your thoughts positive. A series of 1’s, as in this case, strongly emphasizes the point. The moment you see 11:11, stop and be aware of thought process. If your thoughts are not on a positive course, say, “Delete” to erase your negative mindset, and then think of something positive that you would like to manifest. Seeing 11:11 every day is a steady reminder from your angels to remain positive. The same applies to its counterpart 1:11. Since this sequence contains three 1’s, it is connected to the Ascended Masters. The meaning of both is the same: you are planting the seeds of your future and the soil is very rich. What you think, you will become, so ensure you are only thinking about things that make you happy. If you are a lightworker, 11:11 holds further meaning. This pertains to the ascension, or the spiritual evolution of humanity. 11:11 is the awakening code that is designed to stimulate your spiritual understanding of your life’s purpose. It’s telling you to wake up and remember who you really are. See through the illusion of the fear, and move into your heart chakra. The world needs your loving guidance in order to help us make this monumental shift in human consciousness. Lightworkers are here to change the paradigm of competition and lack to oneness and love.

Q: I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction – and lately I’ve been trying to get control of my budget which I overspend – they say that spend the money as if you already have it – if you focus on having enough you’ll get it in abundance. I’m always having problems with having enough.

A: The problem with manifesting money to control your budget is the fear of lack that is sabotaging your efforts. You cannot manifest successfully from a place of need because that energy is rooted in lack consciousness. Instead of focusing on your needs, look to your desires. Need flows from your human mind whereas desire flows from spirit. Don’t try to manifest money to pay off debts and bills; joyfully focus your energy on prosperity and abundance. See yourself having fun with the resources that you will surely attract. Don’t worry about lack in any way, but do be responsible with your personal spending. It’s important to realize that manifesting money doesn’t mean spending what you do not currently possess. Racking up debt in an attempt to simulate prosperity only exacerbates the fear of lack. Budget your money wisely, and then treat yourself to something you desire with the reasonable amount that you have allotted for personal spending. Know that you are safe and loved, no matter what may happen to you in this physical realm, and release your anxiety to the angels. With time, you will start to see a steady increase in your personal resources. As your fear of debt and lack decreases, your ability to manifest will increase proportionately.

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