Angel Q&A: Life Path, Being Open, Seeing Spirits

By Kim Hutchinson

dreamyIs there a way to tell the difference between chasing a dream or wishful thinking and being on the right path? What if you can “see it” for your life but wonder if you are being silly because it seems so different and far away from the life you are leading at the moment…..which is for me, is being safe and keeping others happy, but not myself. – Barb L.

Answer: Life on Earth is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each of us has a unique puzzle piece to place. That piece is our life path. It is essential to the overall picture. No other piece of the puzzle will do, even the pieces that have a similar shape, colour or design. Only you can place that piece and only you know exactly where it goes. Trying to force your puzzle piece into the wrong spot will damage it and disrupt the neighbouring pieces. It will also bump someone else from his or her true spot in the grand scheme of things. The right path in life, therefore, means following your own counsel. No one apart from yourself knows what precisely the right path is for you.

How then do you find the right path?

  • Live your life with impeccable integrity. Be 100% authentic. There is no substitute for YOU.
  • Do what makes your heart sing and which fills you with irrepressible joy. Happiness is a laughing matter!
  • Follow your joy even if it scares you. Call on Archangel Ariel, the Lioness of God, to give you courage and confidence. She helps people such as yourself whose life purpose is that of a teacher and healer.
  • Speak only the truth, but first filter that truth through your heart so that your words are loving, not hurtful. This will allow you to explain your choices with quiet assuredness to your family and friends.

How do I open up? I get so far, and then I shut everything down. I think my left side is far stronger than my right side. – Anne M.

Answer: That’s a common hurdle for all of us, Anne. Unless you have dedicated your life to finding inner peace, then your left brain is going to be wildly overdeveloped in comparison to your intuitive right brain and your heart. Humans have long since forgotten how to live their lives in harmony with spirit. Our amnesia about our origins and our ego-based fears, have kept us enslaved to the myth of the left brain superiority. Thankfully, we are experiencing an awakening of unprecedented proportions that is helping to reactivate the Divine Feminine on our planet. This, in turn, is helping to spark deeply buried memories of our own divinity. We’re starting to remember that we are more than what we know through our five senses. Many of us are beginning to explore the landscape of our female right brain for the first time. But, having not listened to that half of our being for so long, we are finding the process to be challenging, if not almost impossible. Here are some techniques to strengthen your intuition and to harmonize the two halves of your brain:

  • Meditate: The benefits of meditation are endless. They are also scientifically documented. This is the single most powerful avenue to explore. Just don’t put too many expectations on yourself in the beginning. Think of it as training for a marathon. You’re not going to run a two-hour race in the beginning. Just start out small (i.e. close your eyes for a minute and listen to your slow, rhythmic breathing) and gradually work your way into longer meditative sessions.
  • Create: The right brain is the part of you that channels inspiration. When you are writing; drawing or painting; or composing or playing music, you are in spirit. Channeling that energy activates your right brain and helps to stimulate activity in that hemisphere.
  • Music/ Sound: Play a singing bowl or a brain wave CD. These sounds help to synchronize the two halves of your brain.

There are images in my doors at my house. My kids and I have noticed them. On my door towards the garage the image looks like a angel. But the other doors in the bedrooms changed at times and I cannot recognize what they are. Also the one in my bedroom the closet door is a image of a young man. Could you please tell me what is going on in my home? – Lisa R.

Answer: There is much more to life than what meets the eye…usually. Once in a while however our eyes attune themselves to a different frequency and we are able to perceive glimpses of other realities. It’s no coincidence that you are seeing images in doors as these represent the doorways of consciousness. Our consciousness is attuned to the world we see around us, but we are not the only occupants of this world. We simply cannot see the others because we are not on the same wavelength or frequency as them. We have always shared our world with many life forms, so this is nothing new and is, therefore, not to be feared. The only thing that has changed for you and your family is that you now perceive what you previous did not.

The angel on your door signifies that you, your family and your home are all being watched over by angelic protectors. Your guardian angels, and the angels of your children, fill your home with divine light and love. This is not wishful thinking. Your angels are very real. They are your invisible best friends, and like a good friend, they are always nearby to comfort you when you feel down, to watch over you at night, and to love you every day. Typically, you are unaware of your angels because they don’t wish to interfere with your Earthly experience. Their job is to stay in the background, watching over you and sending you subtle messages. Sometimes, however, as in the case of the angel apparition on your door, you need a stronger and clearer sign to boost your faith. This occurs either when you have been under a great deal or stress, or when you’ve actively worked on opening your Third Eye chakra, thereby strengthening your clairvoyancy, or psychic sight. Your children are naturally gifted in this regard so they do not have to work at seeing angels.

The image of the young man, along with the shift images that you cannot clearly identify, signifies that you are now attuned to communicating with non-corporeal humans, people who have left this Earthly plane. They’re very much alive as there is no such thing as death. When we leave our bodies we merely leave this realm of consciousness, much as you awake each morning from your dreams. Of course the choice to communicate with those who have crossed over is entirely up to you. If this holds no interest for you, then kindly ask these souls to find another medium through which to relay messages to their loved ones on this side. You can also call on Archangel Michael to form a protective cloak around you, your children and your home. That way, you will not be disturbed by these images until, or if you ever are, ready to pursue that avenue of spiritual development.

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