Ascension Updates with Archangel Michael

By Kim Hutchinson

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Archangel Michael and the Ascension

As a preview for my upcoming talk called “Archangels & Ascension: Q&A Session with Kim and the Angels”, scheduled for April 14th, I sat down with Archangel Michael today and channelled his wisdom regarding the latest ascension symptoms. Here is the information he shared:

Kim: “I’ve been experiencing vertigo all week. It was the most intense round of vertigo yet. At times, I felt like I was on board a tiny ship during a fierce gale. My brain seemed to be sloshing from side-to-side with a degree of vigour that might have scared me had I not realized it was ascension-related. Other times, I felt I was inside a tornado, and I was being hurled around at lightning speed. I also sensed I was being pulled higher. Why are so many of us experiencing vertigo and what can be done about it?”

Archangel Michael: “Greetings, Kim! I’m going to start with your second question. What can be done about the vertigo, you ask? Nothing, really. (*Chuckling*) The best advice I have for you is to go with the flow. Don’t resist the momentum. When you are in a state of compete acceptance, the unpleasantness disappears. A sensation that is not judged to be negative or positive is merely that: a sensation. Only resistance makes it unpleasant. That is what causes nausea and the other undesirable side-effects.”

“Your second question is a bit harder to explain, so I will employ an analogy. Think of a deep sea diver. The deeper into the ocean he plunges, the higher the pressure on his ear drums. He must descend gradually in order to avoid injury. Earth’s atmosphere is thick and heavy like the weight of the ocean. When you come to Earth, you must acclimate to her density by descending gradually. If you did not, the pressure would be unbearable. Now think of it in the reverse. Resurfacing or ascending requires a gradual acclimation to the depressurization. Your Earth is ascending to a higher level, and so with each step of the ascent you must equalize or balance your ear drum pressure. When a stage of the ascent occurs quickly, you experience vertigo. Not resisting the higher frequency energy will help you to balance the air pressure in your ears and sinuses.”

“This explains why you are feeling off-balance and queasy. It also explains the side-to-side motion. The spinning that you described is related to something else. Your inner ear registers motion. The decreased atmospheric pressure allows for greater range of motion detection. In other words, you are becoming more sensitive to movement. The energy of ascension often forms spirals or vortices, and you are now much more aware of these tornado-like eddies of energy. This is perfectly natural.”

Kim: “Thank you Michael! I’m also wondering why I’ve been so exhausted of late. No matter how long or soundly I sleep, I still feel tired and washed out. Also, I feel achy and stiff in the joints, almost as though I have a low-grade flu. (Delete, undo!) My head also hurts and I frequently experience intense pressure and sensitivity to noise. What is going on at night?”

Archangel Michael: “The body is hard at work while you are sleeping. You are undergoing a complete biological metamorphosis. Your body is being reshaped and redesigned, down to the smallest particle. Your molecular structure is changing. It is becoming exponentially more harmonious. Many describe this new structure as crystalline due to its distinct similarities to the molecular structure of crystals. This molecular restructuring is altering your cells. Every part of you is becoming more orderly and cohesive. New patterns are being formed. Added to this, your DNA is being restrung and new chromosomes are being added where necessary, much like one would repair broken strands of pearls. These minute changes are affecting the larger portions of your being. Take your scull for instance. It is being reformed in order to allow for an expanded cranial capacity. The brain mass will increase by 22% once your body crosses into the fifth realm. Further, there will be increased utilization of currently neglected regions of the brain, so the shape and size of the new scull must accommodate for the heat generated by the brain’s increased size and activity level.”

“Once you pass the Nexus Point* you will receive the final jolt of transformational energy and genetic coding necessary to complete your metamorphosis into a new, and upgraded, species of human. The preparation for that final stage is occurring now. For those whose ascension is delayed by (their) choice, they will receive the final wave of energy immediately prior to their ascent.”

“All these changes and many more are occurring at night, so your fatigue is understandable. Give yourself permission to sleep as much as you can. The work that your body is doing when you are asleep far exceeds the importance of your waking tasks. Once you complete this phase, you will experience a period of insomnia because your body will be so well rested from all the extra sleep, plus it will profit from the increased energy levels of the genetic upgrades.”

Kim: “That makes perfect sense! Thank you so much, Michael!”

*A.K.A. The Singularity, the Bump, the Galactic Alignment, etc…The moment when the universe aligns perfectly with the Galactic Equator or Core (Dec. 21, 2012)

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