Ascension Update: Jan. 2012

By Kim Hutchinson

Well, the big year is upon us! After so much hype, 2012 arrived with a whisper rather than a roar. Then again, its arrival was never the issue. What many prophecies point to is the galactic alignment at the end of 2012. Everyone has his or her theories about year’s end, but this is not the focus of today’s blog post. I want to talk about what is happening now, and look back at the past month.

Sick of the Holidays?

Since my last post, a full month has passed. During this time, Steve and I prepared for Christmas and New Year’s only to spend the entire holiday season alone due to a virulent virus that Steve picked up and then generously passed along to me. Being under the weather made me acutely aware of how many others were also ill during the holidays. Flus and colds are par for the course at this time of year, but what struck me was the intensity and severity of the afflictions coupled with the otherwise healthy nature of the people who contracted these viruses. For instance, Steve’s virus affected his liver, making him look like a Simpson’s character. Not only does Steve ordinarily enjoy robust health, but he has never had a liver issue before. As I came to discover, stories like this were oddly common during this past month. Family members, friends, and neighbours experienced similar health challenges, many of which affected internal organs (heart, gallbladder, liver, etc.) and blood (i.e. anemia from too-frequent menstrual cycles) . Others had virulent purging episodes (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.). Then there were those with infections and respiratory issues (i.e. pneumonia and bronchitis). Even people who remained well complained of fatigue/exhaustion, dizziness/ light-headedness, brain fog, and altered sleep patterns (i.e. sleeping ‘til the crack of noon). Suffice as to say, the past month was physical taxing for most of us, and landed many in hospital. So, what is going on, you might ask?

Purging the Past

My angel friends tell me that we experienced a period of deep purging. Old stubborn emotional wounds were released from the areas of our body where the toxins were stored. That makes sense to me! All injuries, illnesses and pain start as a thought. If the thought persists, it elicits an emotional response designed to get our attention. If we ignore that message, then the chemicals from our emotions begin to move to targeted areas of our body. The physical is the last place where our thoughts manifest, and is the last place where they heal. Once we release the physical issues, we should be free of the past. That leaves us ready to deal with the present and future.

Changing Present Concepts

The angels went on to tell me about the next phase of ascension preparedness: altering our concepts. This is the theme for 2012. We are going to be challenged to expand our beliefs, ideas, and other self-imposed limitations. Essentially, we all live a box. Some people have a very small space, and some have an expansive area in which to dwell. Those who are new to Earth and/or to the Third Dimension tend to start out small, but as they accrue experience, they expand their boundaries. This is an important fact to bear in mind when dealing with younger souls. That being said, I have a strong hunch that 2012 is going to substantially expand everyone’s horizons, if my dreams are accurate. I have foreseen two fascinating events that will completely revamp our collective consciousness. Even so, each of us still needs to work on our own belief system so that we are open to receiving the infinite blessings that creation has in-store for us. 2012 is the year of remarkable transformation, but only if you are open to it. (For those who aren’t, don’t worry! Your time will come when you are ready, too. No one ever gets left behind.)

Other Ascension Symptoms

  • Feeling Cut Off from Your Guides: If you’re an intuitive person, then your guides have been happily feeding you information throughout your life. Truth be told, we all receive guidance every day from our loving guides, but many are out of touch with their intuition. No matter which description fits you, we all may be in the same boat right now. I started noticing an interruption in my guidance about two years ago. It came and went without warning, kind of like a radio static. Well, there’s been more static than broadcast messages as of late. Many people tell me they simply can’t hear (see, feel, or know) what their guides are saying, anymore. I sympathize heartily. This ascension business is tough! When I was able to connect with my angels, they explained that every increase in our frequency, or the vibration of Mother Earth, interrupts communication. It’s like trying to listen to your favourite radio station in the car while driving. Eventually, you are forced to find a new station. We are all scrambling to find new stations right now. Plus, as we vibrate at a higher frequency, our guides must move higher and higher.
  • Lucid and Vivid Dreams: Pay close attention to your dreams as they hold the key to understanding this whole ascension process. In my case, I’ve been experiencing more lucid dreams. At times, I am actually conscious of being asleep. I’ve also had several prophetic dreams this month, and dreams that felt prophetic but which have yet to manifest. This is significant, I feel, as it demonstrates a unification of my layers of consciousness. I also know I’m in contact with higher aspects of my being and spiritual guides during my sleep, so I don’t discount anything I experience during these times of REM sleep. You shouldn’t either. Plus, this is an effective way to contact your guides, without that static interference.
  • Pronounced Crown Activity: For the past week, it has felt like I had an ant’s nest on my head. Steve has begun to experience it as well, and he likens it to fingers caressing his scalp. (I really prefer his analogies, don’t you?) Most of the movement I’ve felt on the right half of my scull. Coupled with that subtle but persistent feeling of movement, there have been times of intense pain and pressure, as thought my scull is being remolded. The angels said, “Bingo” as I wrote that last sentence. Oh great! We’re all getting elongated sculls in the new world. LOL!

I could write more, but I’ll save the rest for another article. It’s an interesting time to be alive on Planet Earth, that’s for sure. Be well, or as well as you can be, my friends.

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5 thoughts on “Ascension Update: Jan. 2012

  • cabradosa

    Love reading your blog!

    I’ve been feeling off the last month or so. Maybe it’s not just me. Having a harder time concentrating on work, wanting to do more things for/with me and mine.

    I have grown to have a very small tolerance for my work environment (it is often quite negative or what my heart perceives as negative, which I already can’t tolerate well) and that is probably the cause of a lot of this. I really need to get back to meditating more regularly. December has been really busy but that is no excuse.

    You’re blogs and your posts on Facebook really help me keep on track or at least bring my focus back. You guys are awesome!

    talk to you soon,

    • Hi Jenn,

      Thanks for taking the time to post your comments and feedback. We love hearing from our readers!

      You are definitely not alone. We’re all on the good ship ascension together. Even when it seems like everyone around you is functioning better than you are, that’s merely an illusion. Sure, we all have good days and off days, but overall I think you’ll find many people are experiencing shifts in their mind, body, emotions, environment, relationships, and so forth, which are causing them discomfort and, to a degree, distress. The thing to remember is that this great shake-up is prepping us for a brand new, beautiful creation of our choosing. So, hang in there! Do whatever you can to feel better, and be good to yourself.

      Love and light,

  • cabradosa

    Oh, and I forgot to add, I have been dreaming sooo much at night that I always wake up tired even if I’ve slept a good 8 hours. I don’t remember all of them but some are really weird!


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