Ascension Symptoms and Geomagnetic Fluctuations

by Kim Hutchinson

ascensionAre you feeling out of sorts? If you’re like us, our family and clients, then the past few days have left you feeling discombobulated. I chalk these symptoms up to yet another ascension shift; after all, ascension is a progress, and so we go through it in stages.

Recent Symptoms

  • Wooziness (Dizziness, Feeling Lightheaded, Sensation of Flying) – I’ve felt dizzy for several days, off and on, but today Steve and I felt like we were spinning this morning. He likened it to being on a roller-coaster whereas I felt like I was on a Tilt-a-Whirl. At one point, we were both pinned to the backs of our chairs by the sensation of G-forces.
  • Seeing Auras – I was able to clearly view Steve’s aura this morning and when he moved, I saw a stream of colours trailing behind him.
  • Digestive Problems (Nausea, Upset Stomach, Lack of Appetite, Diarrhea) – The nausea is no doubt related to the dizziness, although I haven’t found it too off-putting. Other people tell me that they can’t eat. This also applies to our dog.
  • Dark Night of the Soul (Anxiety, Fear, Old Issues Surfacing, Ego Death) – Several people have reported to me that they feel awful; so awful, in fact, that it feels like they’re dying. They’ve gone into a dark, dark place, and their family members and friends are deeply concerned about their welfare. Others tell me they’re so sick of feeling bad and being stuck in a 3-D paradigm that leaving here would be a welcome respite. Most are experiencing the phenomena known as ego death. This is when the ego feels like it is dying. The sensation fills a person with fear and anxiety. The ego will also cause problems such as relationship conflicts.
  • Strong Desire to Ascend/ Go Home – After not thinking about ascension for several months, it suddenly popped back into my consciousness in a big way. I started reading and dreaming about the topic again. Clients, too, have been contacting me regarding the ascension. Many are asking for guidance and reassurance. All tell me they are ready to ascend right now, and are anxious to graduate.


Aurora BorealisI had a chat with Mother Earth and she told me that the recent spate of ascension symptoms comes from geomagnetic fluctuations. I had initially asked about our dog Tux as we were concerned about his lack of appetite and diarrhea. After I received this message, I logged onto Facebook and was immediately greeted by a post about dogs aligning with the magnetic field when they defecate. I knew that this was confirmation of the message that Mother Earth has given me.

It isn’t just dogs who are sensitive to the geomagnetic fluctuations (GMF). Human health is also affected. I researched the topic and here are the ways in which our bodies are affected by GMF activity:

1. Melatonin synthesis disruption
2. Suicide
3. Depression and other mental disorders
4. Heart rate/disease and blood pressure
5. Light sensitivity


These symptoms certainly align with the ascension symptoms I mentioned above. This is not to say that the GMFs are not connected to the ascension process; they most definitely are. Nothing that happens is a coincidence. The fact that we are experiencing GMFs now is part of the ongoing ascension process.

Stay Calm

The key here is to not panic. Mother Earth knew that this was going to occur, so a week ago she cautioned me not to give into the fear and anxiety that was sure to follow. The symptoms will pass. Don’t make any detrimental decisions during this time. Just breathe through it, meditate, and treat yourself with kindness. The key is to stay in your heart. If you don’t know how, here’s a guided meditation to help you connect with the scared space of your heart:

Peace, Light and Love to you all.

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