Ascension Symptoms 2014

By Kim Hutchinson

Ascension activity has been intense as of late, and will probably only increase the closer we get to the final stage of the Shift. Here are some of the most recent ‘symptoms’ or energetic signatures of this process.


Ascension ‘Flu’ Ascension

  • Fatigue (sudden need to nap)
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea, upset stomach, cramps 

Cause: Energetic upgrades from the Sun – solar flares and coronal emissions (esp. Aug. 22 – 25) 

Prickly Scalp

  • Pin pricks and tingling on the top of the head

Cause: Receiving large downloads of spiritual energy/info/upgrades through the crown chakra

Tingly Mouth

  • Subtle currents of energy moving across the roof of the mouth

Cause: Linking the pineal gland to the heart, through the mouth (tip of tongue)

Urinary Issues

  • Bladder / Kidney Issues (i.e. infection)
  • Frequent Urination

Cause: Sacral chakra purge – Releasing pent-up/old anger

Mental / Emotional 


  • Feeling anxious for no reason
  • Solar plexus ‘ripples’ (waves of energy)

Cause: Increasing polarity – As the Shift gains amplitude, the pendulum that swings between the two extremes is reaching maximum velocity. When it flips over, we will transcend polarity forever.


  • Quick to anger
  • Misunderstandings and hurt feelings 

Cause: Increasing polarity – As the Shift gains amplitude, the pendulum that swings between the two extremes is reaching maximum velocity. When it flips over, we will transcend polarity forever. 

Creative Urge

  • Strong desire to create (paint, write, etc.) just for the joy of creating 

Cause: Heightened sacral chakra activity – balancing our emotional body


  • Wanting to socialize but not connecting with people
  • Feel alone; wondering where everyone went
  • Yearning for soul mates and twin flame 

Cause: More people are becoming more introspective and less externally focused. This is reflected in their curtailed social activities. Others are feeling disconnected from 3-D, and are longing to reunite with their soul group. 

Peace and Joy 

  • Resiliency / Buoyancy
  • Happiness / Mirth
  • Peace

 Cause: As we become increasingly more heart-centered, our inner and outer worlds are peacefully transformed. 

Self-Care Priority

  • Isolation / Cocooning
  • Saying ‘No’
  • Being true to oneself 

Cause: Even though spiritual people and older souls tend to put others first, many are now learning to adopt a routine of ‘extreme self-care’ in order to deal with the stress of ascension. This wonderful shift is helping to educate many about the need for self-healing, self-love and self-care. 


Angelic Guide Change

  • Archangel Metatron takes over from Michael 

Cause: Whereas Archangel Michael is the primary angel for 3-D, Metatron helps those who are conscious of 5-D energies, and he assists those whose mission is the ascension.

Heightened Spiritual Contact 

  • Increased contact with angels, ascended masters and other spiritual guides
  • Rising number/frequency of UFO sightings and ET contact with starseeds
  • Stronger connection with nature (Mother Earth, Father Sun, animals, trees, etc.) 

Cause: As we expand our consciousness, we are becoming increasing more aware of other life forms. We’re coming to realize that the multiverse is teeming with life.

Manifestation Accelerated 

  • Instances of near-instantaneous manifestation
  • Easy heart-based creation 

Cause: When we create with our brain, we experience polarity. We manifest what we want but also what we do not want. The two frequently cancel each other out, or cause delays. Now many are rediscovering the joy of creating with the heart. We become a vibrational match for that which we desire and it flows to us easily, and frequently effortlessly. 

Time Variances

  • Time Lag: Experiencing pockets of expanded time, or the sensation of time slowing down
  • Time Acceleration: Moving at high speed; feeling hyped and unable to slow down or relax
  • Timeline Convergence: Feeling like everything is happening at once; being more aware of the concept of timelessness;  living in the Now

Cause: We’re receiving regular energetic upgrades which are increasing our vibratory rate. As we vibrate faster, we feel accelerated as though we are moving at high speed. When events do not match our flow, it can feel like time is moving slower. Eventually everything and everyone will accelerate beyond the point of linear time.

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