Ascension Signs

By Kim Hutchinson

Ascension messages are flowing in daily. The following two messages were received this week. One came from the clouds; the other, from a dream. The messages are clear: something big is happening. Can you feel the excitement?

Dragon Energy Upgrades

On Tuesday, I was in my backyard getting my daily dose of vitamin Sun. I was dreamily gazing up at the blue sky, peppered with fluffy white clouds, when I spotted the face of a dragon. Shortly thereafter, a second one materialized; then, a third dragon manifested. More kept popping up. Everywhere I looked, dragons were looking back at me.

While I find dragons fascinating, I’m not in a habit of seeing them, nor do I have an affiliation with them; so, I knew I didn’t conjure up these images.

I decided to share my experience on Facebook. I received comments and private messages from other people who witnessed dragon clouds, too. A friend wrote:

“…every time I looked at the clouds – hey that’s a dragon! Another dragon! Look a dragon. Over and over. And then I drove through a random lightning storm where the lightening was actually horizontal like dragon fire. Something big is stirring for sure.”

Ascension Connection: The next day, I logged onto Facebook, and the first thing I saw was a picture of a dragon. It was accompanied by an intriguing post by that talked about the arrival of Red Dragon Energy which is here to assist with our ‘final event’.

In addition to that article, I find it interesting that 2012, a pivotal year in our ascension process, was the year of the dragon. The galactic alignment on December 21, 2012, allowed transformative light and ascension energy from the Central Sun to flood into our universe. Since then, these waves of ‘dragon’ energy have been bathing our planet, helping us to prepare for our shift into 5D consciousness.


Dream Alters Reality

Two nights ago, I dreamt of the orchid given to me several months ago by a friend of mine who is a contemporary shaman. In the dream, scientists injected me with DNA taken from the orchid. I took on the striped appearance of the flowers, and a multitude of veins appeared on my skin. I immediately felt stronger, and I had greater flexibility. Also, all my pain went away. I felt like I had superpowers.

The next morning, I checked on my beautiful orchid. I expected to see her looking fabulous as usual, given that she has been in blossom for months. Instead, she was droopy and the flowers were all withered. Since then, she had lost most of her blossoms.

I knew this had a profound meaning. The connection between my dream and my ‘reality’ was too close to ignore. Upon reflection, I believe I unintentionally stole my plant’s prana while I was sleeping. As improbable as that may sound, affecting reality while sleeping is something I do everyday. I travel through the multiverse and heal people while in a lucid dream state.

Ascension Connection: Dreams create reality. In fact, what we consider to be reality is, in fact, a dream! This is significant for the ascension because we are dreaming the New Earth into being. In other words, a heart-based 5D reality is being made manifest by our collective dreams. No wonder sleep is so pleasurable lately, and why I’ve been napping so much.

6 thoughts on “Ascension Signs

  • Caat

    Dragon Power is indeed flooding the world. I Have been working with them for a year now, using crystal dragon skulls as a tool to make contact. The last few days their power has substantially increased. If you befriend one first you are their keeper. You can guide them to aim their healing powers. After a while they invite you to clime on there back… you are then a dragon-rider. You have to be able to stay present as you ride on their back to lead them to where they need to heal. This acquires a strong mind and a lot of focus but the healing power is tremendous. The next step is to be a Dragon King. I’m not there yet but I can only imagine what that can do.

    Welcome dragons in your life. They are fabulous friends. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with them .

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