Ascension or Bust

By Kim Hutchinson
Heart-based world

Some people are saying that the ascension was a bust and has gone the way of Y2K. I can understand their perspective. It seemingly hasn’t come to fruition. Or has it?

I know I certainly feel different since Dec. 21/12. I shifted from my head to my heart, and now I look at, and respond to, the world in a completely new fashion. My joie de vivre has returned, and I no longer feel the chronic anxiety and stress that once haunted me. I feel at peace because the sacred space of the heart in which I now dwell is very calm. I also have greater clarity, and I don’t hesitate to speak my truth. I can honestly say that I spend most of my time in my heart, and the view from here is lovely.

If you’re not seeing the changes you were expecting in the world, try shifting your perspective to your heart instead.

Living in the heart provides relief from the acute empathy that many are experiencing right now. For many years, I lived like a hermit because I was so easily overwhelmed by other people’s pain. Now, it seems, I can turn off the extreme empathy at times. For instance, we were watching a movie in which one of the characters died. I distanced myself and was able to feel joy for the character’s release from this world. I’ve never been able to do that before. I used to be a sobbing mess at the end of movies like that. Something has definitely shifted for me. I am VERY relieved not to be at the mercy of my empathy every moment of every day. Consequently, I am starting to feel lighter and happier.

That being said, when I need my empathic superpower, it’s there in full force. I use it when doing distance healings. I can feel, hear, see and know what the patient is experiencing.

If you are struggling right now, just know that you too will emerge on the other side of this journey a lighter, happier, stronger and more joyful version of yourself. The pain, anxiety and malcontent that you are feeling is a stepping stone to peace. You have to feel the pain in order to move through it. The trick is not identifying with the pain. Feel it but then release it. Don’t own it.  So, while we’re all still dealing with 3-D issues like fear, pain and lack, we need not be stressed about it. The heart offers you a haven of peace and unconditional love.

If you are struggling to find answers or solutions to your problems, I recommend that you migrate your awareness from your head to your heart. The truth is there. Practice listening to the heart’s wisdom. You can trust your internal guidance. It’s foolproof, unlike the brain.

In order to be of service to the world, you also need to be in your heart. Mother Earth still hasn’t given birth. The male did his part in December, but the female has yet to deliver. That’s where a lot of anxiety is coming from. (Just ask any pregnant woman who is beyond her delivery date.) We will get there together, no worries. But time frames are a thing of the past. Time is a male, left-brain concept. Move away from the brain, and the illusion of time evaporates, taking with it all the stress and anxiety that the passage of time engenders. Live in your heart, and feel all your stress melt away.

The old polarized third dimensional paradigm will be replaced by a unified, higher dimensional creations when the majority of people have shifted their consciousness from the brain to the heart. It starts from within and then manifests externally.

The more of us that live in our heart, the faster the external world will change. That’s the real ascension, and it begins with you.

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