Ascension 2012: January 2010 Update

By Kim Hutchinson

The Cessation of Stress and the Rooting of New Energy

ascensionI am very happy and relieved to report that I am feeling much cheerier, and am back to my usual optimistic self, even if I don’t have the energy to fully express my joy. I know many of you feel the same way. The fluctuating energies of ascension can be exhausting! Despite being able to shake the utter blackness that enveloped me in November, perhaps understandably I’ve lost much of my capacity to cope with stress; but, instead of looking at my diminished tolerance for stress as a curse, I see it as the gift it is. I am finally honouring my emotions instead of fighting them. As for my feelings of lethargy, I am embracing them too. This pervasive fatigue has been with me since mid-December, and while I feel as though I slept-walked my way through the holidays, I really did have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.

The good news is we are in an anchoring phase. That means the roller coaster of emotions ride is coming to a halt. Aside from the fatigue, I’m finding this new energy to be very ‘centering’. It’s allowing me to reconnect with my higher self, the part of me that knows what is best for me, and that part is saying: “Follow your body’s signals. Sleep when you are tired, eat when you’re hungry, and say no to commitments that drain you.” That is truly the best advice the angels and I can pass along to you right now. Just go with the flow. Follow your inner wisdom, for no one knows better than you what is in your highest interest. Enjoy this reflective period. Give yourself the time and space to reconnect with your soul’s energy. Find your personal path and follow it unapologetically.

My angelic guides tell me that next month a huge wave of love will blanket the planet. This new energy will arrive on Valentine’s Day (how apropos!), carrying our consciousness into the 5th Dimension. This loving energy will help our energy to take root in the heart chakra. We will, in effect, be phasing out our first three chakras (roots, sacral and solar plexus). These are the energy centers in us that emphasize separation. Our root is about our survival, the sacral deals with our emotions, and the solar plexus is our perception of self along with our intellect. As we leave those energies behind in the 3-D realm, we gain a greater sense of oneness with All That Is.

Light vs. Dark

Even though everything is starting to settle down, I know many of you are still wading through the heavier energies of the previous months. Since we all progress at our own rate towards our own unique destination, this variance in ascension levels is completely normal. I don’t wish to leave anyone behind so I am going to talk a bit about the heavier, chaotic energies that are affecting many of you now.

As much as I prefer to be a resolute Pollyanna, all the sunshine in the universe cannot mask the fact that there are those who create darkness on our beautiful planet. We live in the world of form, after all. This 3-D existence allows for co-existing light and dark energies. To give you an example of coexisting dark and light energies, many Lightworkers are struggling with debt, doubt, and fear. There is a pervasive blackness that refuses to budge despite our best efforts to emit light and love. All seems well on the surface. To many, it would appear that our lives are happy and fulfilled. Why then does it sometimes feel as though a dark and fearsome menace lurks in the shadows like a rabid wolf, waiting to pounce? The answer lies in the shifting focus of our collective energies.

Our energy spins like a vortex. As the Earth’s vibrational speed increases, the lower energies are being thrown off. Anything that is dark and heavy belongs in the 3-D realm. It simply cannot exist in the 4th and 5th dimensions of light. That darkness contains the sum total of human fears. I see what looks like black marble-sized balls of negativity ricocheting off everything and everyone. When Lightworkers get hit by these balls of negativity, we’re thrown for a loop. If we get hit by multiple balls at once, then we feel like we’re under attack. Add to that, many people struggle to preserve the status quo. They worked hard to achieve their successes in life and thus are not willing to allow for a shift in energy lest they lose their power. Some may go so far to as to use their energy / thoughts like weapons. These psychic attacks can feel very unpleasant when they occur. You may be experiencing the fall-out of this heavier energy if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Intense, blinding pain that erupts quickly and without any apparent cause (i.e. lower back pain, headaches)
  • Rapidly cycling feelings of depression, despair, anxiety, anger and apathy, all without any real cause.
  • Suicidal thoughts and an intense longing to return Home.

These symptoms erupt seemingly without cause, and disappear just as mysteriously, lasting roughly 48 hours. Instead of being fearful, there are two sure-fire ways to replace the negativity with light:

1) Ask for help: The negativity that envelops you will try to black out communication with your spirit. If you are like me, then you may find that you cannot hear or see your angelic guides during an attack. If this happens to you, it is vitally important that you do not isolate yourself but instead reach out to ‘light-minded’ friends and family members who can help put things into perspective for you. Remember, the feelings that you experience are not your own. They are like a virus that invades your psyche. Instead of panicking, simply think of the negative onslaught as you would a bad flu. Take care of yourself and let others care for you too. Together, we lightworkers will get through this.

2) Don’t fight it: Love it instead! I made the mistake of trying to shield myself with defenses. That only intensified the pain. That is because you cannot fight something without making it stronger. Where your attention goes grows. A better approach is to surround yourself with the energy of light and love. Envision yourself inside a rose-coloured bubble of pure, spiritual love. See it filled with a bubbly energy, much like pink champagne. The bubbles are golden and the energy is very frothy and light. Nothing can permeate that love but love itself. As you think about and feel love, you create and attract more love. Envision your family, your home, your possession and your workplace in beautiful pink bubbles of love. Know that love is truly the best protection because it brings your energy into perfect alignment with Source. That in turn attracts to you everything that you desire. Your needs are perfectly met at all times.

3) Think Positively: No matter how many images of despair bombard you in the course of a day remember that love is the perfect answer to every woe. Do not dwell on the negative. Others may try to polarize us, but they cannot succeed if we all stay true to our spirit. The epic battle between good and evil is as old as time. Fortunately, we have a golden opportunity to avoid a full-out battle this time. Instead of fighting the dark forces, we simply need to awaken enough lightworkers to elevate the level of consciousness on our planet from a fear based, bi-polar realm to a heart-based, enlightened one. The true battle is one of enlightenment. Return to your source. Follow your heart. Be happy. Love freely. Be true to yourself. Stay in the light!

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