Ascension 101: Part II

By Kim Hutchinson

ascensionWhat happens when we ascend?

When we ascend, we will move from this level of consciousness to the next level up; consequently, the world as we know it will change, as will we. We will leave this reality behind and create a brand new one. I liken it to children playing with Play Dough. They create everything that they possible can with the dough, using up every last bit of it. That’s where we are right now. The next step is to reclaim all the dough (energy) and make something entirely new. We will feel like children in the next dimension because everything will be fresh, new, and enticingly beautiful. We will be able to create to our heart’s content.

How is this even possible?

This ‘reality’ that we know as life on Earth is but a collective dream that our souls are having. Once we unplug from the old matrix and plug into the new, Earth as we know it will dramatically shift according to the new dream we are dreaming. Fortunately, the new dream flows from the heart, a place of pure love and unity, and so the new Earth will directly reflect that. This is why many are saying that we will create Heaven on Earth. This is a wonderful description. We will have a brand new planet to explore, and everything here will be a reflection of divine love.

Will everyone ascend?

Ascension is available to all who desire it. The majority of people are ready for it, and so they will welcome the ascension with open arms. Some are not sure, so they will give the ascension a try. If they are a vibrational match for the new world, then they will delight in the experience; if not, then they will go where they most feel at home.  They may return to their planet of origin in this dimension or choose to go ‘Home’. No matter what, it will feel like a homecoming. Going Home, by the way, is a form of ascension so it too is a joyful experience for the soul.

How do I become a vibrational match for the next dimension?

It’s very simple: live in your heart. If you perceive the world through your mind, you will continue to create from a base of polarity consciousness which will keep you tethered to this dimension. The next level up is about unity (love) as opposed to the polarity (good vs. evil) of this realm. The new world will instantly reflect back to you whatever you are thinking or feeling, so if you continue to think, feel, speak and act as though you are still here in this realm, then you will quickly find yourself back in the world of form and polarity consciousness. If that happens, don’t panic; you will be taken care of.  Trust in the absolute perfection of life and the wisdom of you Spirit. Whatever happens, know that it is meant to be and embrace it.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

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