Ascending in Love

By Kim Hutchinson

LoveThere’s no doubt that the world we know is rapidly changing. People are rising up against dictators. Stunning technological breakthroughs occur almost daily. An unprecedented number of UFO sightings have been reported by major news agencies worldwide. The population is exploding. The Earth’s magnetic poles are on the move. Climatic changes are breaking records.

These are just a few examples of the shifting energies upon our planet. But the most astounding change is the one that we’re experiencing. Humanity is undergoing an amazing shift, or evolution, in consciousness, unparalleled in its velocity. Even though we’re all but oblivious to the shift, the reality is we are evolving with lightning speed. That is what is attracting so much attention. Our evolution has become the greatest show in the universe. Oddly, we the ‘stars’ of the show, remain unaware. Despite all the changes, we’re still dreaming the old paradigm. Soon, however, we are going to leave this polarity consciousness behind for good. We will move into the non-violent 4th dimension, and start dreaming from our hearts instead of our heads.

Overcoming your Fears

For those of you who are afraid of this change, fear not. This week I spoke with Mother Earth and she assured me that she would see to it that ALL her children were safely transported to the next level of consciousness. She was excited at this prospect for it represented a change in the standard evolutionary pattern. Mother Earth herself is ascending, so she will transport all manner of life to the next level.

You need not be concerned about losing your loved ones and pets during the shift. Mother Earth loves all life so much, and she wants to take each of you to the next level, an exquisitely beautiful and extraordinarily joyful place.

As for those of you with (recent) star origins, you need not worry about losing your extraterrestrial friends and family either, for the entire universe is ascending! We are all One in spirit and we will soon realize that once we get to the next level. Again, humanity has no idea of its significance in this universal transformation. For whatever reason, we have been chosen to lead this ascension.

If your fear stems from the unknown, all you need do is learn to live in your heart. Within the heart is a secret and sacred space that connects you to all life everywhere. That connection is Love, and Love is God. Love is real whereas fear is an illusion. Connect with your God Center and you will not fear this process; you will, instead, embrace it with all your heart.

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