Animals Affected by Intense Energies

By Steve Clayton

The energy of the Sun is really intense these days, and everyone is feeling the stress of heightened, accelerated energies hitting the planet. With the Schumann Resonance spiking higher than most scientists thought possible, all life on Mother Earth is being affected. Many animals, ranging from four-legged family members to farm animals to those roaming free in the wild, are displaying a variety of uncharacteristic behaviours as they struggle to adjust. Many dogs, in particular, are not acting themselves.

As mentioned in my prior articles, pets are experiencing intense ascension symptoms, Exercise, always very important for a dog’s health, is crucial at this time. Just as important are energy healing/clearing sessions. The family dog works hard to clear heavy energies brought into the home. Now, many are carrying more stress than their systems can tolerate or clear properly. When you add an erratic Schumann Resonance to the mix, dogs find themselves overloaded with surplus energies that require more than exercise. As an Animal Energy Healer I can help soothe your stressed pet.

Contact me for more information. I am able to help animals worldwide.

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