Animal Healing: A Study in Love

by Steve Clayton

Unconditional Love

horsesIt is said dogs are here to teach us about unconditional Love, and it would be hard to argue against that statement. After several years of working on all types of animals I can state categorically all animals are full of love; they are Love – horses, goats, cats, dogs, birds the list goes on but at their core animals are Love. Yes, they may not take to me right off, they even may be leery of me, but given the history between man and animals should this be a surprise? I’ve learned patience is the key, coupled with humility and non-aggression. Animals know when we are in our hearts.


Horses taught me that lesson more so than any other animal I have worked with. Respect is very important to a horse and when approached with respect they respond in kind; all animals do. When you are in your heart, and you put that energy out there, the animal will feel it, and will connect with their heart energy. The love, the joy, you feel being returned to you is nothing short of overwhelming. You begin to truly understand how intimately connected all life is. You do not have to be an animal healer to experience this phenomenon. Anyone can experience this by simply being in their heart around an animal and projecting their love and respect to that animal. Try it and I believe your life will be changed for the better.

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