Angels, Owls and Psychopomps

By Kim Hutchinson

snowy-owlMy beloved grandfather passed away on Friday. I know he was in good company because before he passed, he told my mother he was surrounded by 11,000 angels. He also had a snowy owl to guide him Home. This magnificent bird was spotted at sunset by my parents as they were journeying to say goodbye to Mum’s father.

Birds and angels are two common soul guides, known as psychopomps, who escort a person’s spirit back Home. Seeing a rare bird and/or witnessing unusual bird behaviour can be sign from a person’s soul or guides.

My grandfather’s snowy owl was sitting next to the highway, atop a snow bank. Dad spied him first, and then Mum hit the brakes. Together, they stared in awe at the large bird as he sat calmly staring back at them.

As I look back on the transitions of other family members, I recall being visited by a bird in every case. Each bird caught and held my attention by acting in an unusual manner (i.e. pecking at the window). In all instances, I felt the birds had a message for me from the deceased or dying family member. Once the messages were received, the birds flew away.

In my grandfather’s case, the snowy owl performed wonderfully. Looking upon his serene face, Mum received the message that it was her father’s time to transition Home. This knowingness filled her with peace, and helped her to release him with grace and serenity.

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