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Alpha-2 Waves

By Kim Hutchinson

I channelled this information from angelic sources.

Alpha-2 Waves

wavesEarth’s vibrational energy is being elevated in order to boost the consciousness of the planet and its species. By 2012, that planetary shift will be complete and Earth will begin its phase in the fifth Dimension. People on the planet are being reprogrammed to align with this higher level of existence.

There is a center in our brain the size of the pituitary gland that is developing to produce something called Alpha-2 waves. These waves will communicate telepathically our needs to the universe and to each other so that our egoic self does not have to kick in. Whatever we need, whether it be physical (nourishment), emotion (love) or otherwise, will be sent out automatically into the universe. In turn, what we require will manifest and return automatically to us. We will not even have to think about it. This center of our brain will be autonomous from the rest of our brain and these Alpha-2 waves will function automatically just as our heart beats and our lungs inhale oxygen. Once we no longer need to worry about our form or emotional needs being met, our ego will start to wither like a plant that has not been watered in a very long time. Eventually the ego will die and just fade away. Its energy will disperse and we will be free of all its pettiness, stress and the like.

Alpha-2 waves are like alpha waves in a sense, but Alpha-2 waves are a more advanced and powerful version. People on other planets use these Alpha-2 waves to ensure their needs are met because, let us face it, without our ego we would not remember to take care of ourselves. We need something to replace the ego’s role. The planet earth’s atmosphere is the thickest of all inhabited planets and so our communication and connection with Spirit is the lowest. That gave rise to a malignant ego. The ego originally was designed to ensure we took case of ourselves. As we are evolving, our ego needs to be left behind. We are therefore being reprogrammed with this new ability. It works effectively on other planets and so its success is guaranteed here.

There are children being born today without an ego. Their Alpha-2 center is already fully developed. They represent the new species of human being. They carry a new DNA strand. These children are known as the Crystal and rainbow children. The rest of us are being reprogrammed so that our brain functions will match those of the new species. If researchers were to monitor a person’s brain using cat scans, they would see a development in the brain from 5 years. This area is transforming from general brain matter into a condensed area of brainwave activity. Skip ahead 5 years and that area would be fully functional. On a cat scan, its activity would appear red.

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