Advanced Ascension Symptoms

By Kim Hutchinson

Ascension LadderFor those of you who are waist-deep in ascension issues, you may be wondering if there is any respite in sight. I am pleased to report the ‘end’ is near! Before you hit the panic button, it’s not the end that the doomsayers would have you believe. It’s the end of polarity and suffering. If you want to know how close you are to achieving real, sustainable inner peace and joy then read on. The following signs are all excellent indicators of a close proximity to 5th dimensional life.

Completion of Life’s Mission

You have finished the mission your soul set for you before incarnating in human form. You know this to be true because you are experiencing some or all of the following while trying to perform your mission:

  • Blockages and Challenges
  • Lack of Joy
  • Burn Out / Stress
  • Loss of Interest
  • Wanting to try something different
  • Loss of spiritual teachers (i.e. You’ve learned almost everything you can about your spiritual mission)
  • Being told by your higher self and/or your guides that your mission is complete

Planning for Retirement

Once your mission starts to wrap up, you realize that you need to shift your daily routine in order to fill the void. You begin to reintroduce some or all of the following back into your life:

  • Needing/craving a LONG vacation
  • Finding a New (Fun) Purpose
  • Hobbies (i.e. Reading for pleasure, painting, writing, travel)
  • Social Activities (i.e. Reconnecting with old friends; making new friends)

Peaceful Detachment

Since you no longer walk the well-worn path of the majority, you feel an increasing sense of detachment from old world issues. Your detachment manifests itself in these ways:

  • Knowing that everything is unfolding in divine order
  • Seeing adversities as soul lessons
  • No longer needing to ‘fight’ for a cause
  • Not trying to save, heal or fix people and/or the world
  • Letting people come to their Truth at their own pace

Separation of Worlds

As you walk your own path, you start to feel as though you are on a different world altogether from your colleagues, friends and family. This can manifest in both positive and negative ways:

  • Wistfulness / Nostalgia (i.e. Missing and romanticizing your old life)
  • People dropping out of your life
  • Feeling left out (i.e. Isolation; alienation)
  • Loss of connection with the old world (i.e. Not understanding it’s odd customs and people’s behaviour)
  • Focusing on the ideal world of your dreams
  • Attracting new people and new experiences

 Feeling like a Senior Citizen

On a soul plane, you are very old. This ‘age’ is immaterial to the eternal spirit, but it can catch up with the mortal human body. At this stage of your soul’s development, you are in your proverbial Golden Years. That means you might experience the following:

  • Fatigue / Lethargy (Feeling like your ‘get-up-and-go’ got up and left)
  • Chronic aches, pains and stiffness of the joints
  • Waning zest for life / Declining passions
  • Reduced activities
  • Preferring peace and quiet

Preparing to Go Home

You are, for the most part, living in the leading edge of the 5th dimension now. Depending on where your soul was before coming to 3-D Earth, you may be preparing to stay in the 5th or move upwards to another higher dimension. This can manifest as the following:

  • Feeling ready – even anxious – to go Home
  • Return of much of your soul energy to your Home place (hence the lack of energy)
  • Renewed contact with your soul family (i.e. learning of their joyful anticipation of your return)

Happy ascension!

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