Accessible Ascension for All

by Kim Hutchinson

ascensionMuch has been written and discussed regarding the process of spiritual ascension. Arguably, it has become one of the most misunderstood and potentially polarizing topics of the New Age. I hope I can help alleviate any fears you might have by clearing up some prevalent misconceptions.

Misconception #1: Ascension is only for a chosen few (i.e. 144,000 souls)

Ascension is available to everyone who wants to experience it. This is not an elitist event. I dare say most are ready to expand their consciousness and move their awareness to a higher plane. Anyone who isn’t ready to leave this polarity experiment behind can continue to experience life in the third dimension. It really boils down to personal choice. There are no ‘chosen ones’. You make the choice for yourself.

Misconception #2: You need to be trained how to activate your MerKaBa

I activated my MerKaBa without being taught how. Later I attended a workshop which focused on activating the MerKaBa, but I found the process complicated and difficult. To be fair, the workshop was geared to the logical/left brain male way rather than the more intuitive female model. Still, I did not require formal training, and I know others who have been able to naturally and easily activate their MerKaBa without guidance. In fact, several of my recent MultiDimensional Healing sessions have revealed people in the process of ascension, with an active MerKaBa. These same individuals knew nothing of the MerKaBa, at least not on the human plane. That says to me that the activation of the MerKaBa is a natural process, one which the soul clearly remembers. Setting your intention and tapping into your higher wisdom can help activate your ascension vehicle.

Misconception #3: Ascended Masters are above us, and should be revered

In my healing sessions, I work with the group known as the Ascended Masters and I can tell you they greatly dislike the name. They balk at being referred to as ‘masters’. They insist that they are no one’s master and that they are no different from you and me. I realize that the term refers to their mastery of the ascension process, and yet they insist on me calling them ascended siblings or friends, rather than masters. They do not like the connotations of the word master, and they are sensitive to people perceiving them as being above them in any way. When I forget, they remind me that I have already mastered the ascension process. You have too. We all have. This isn’t something new. We ascended and descend in regular cycles. That means we’re ALL ascended masters, ergo we have no masters.

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