A Cosmic Love Story

By Steve Clayton


I met him so very long ago now
I sometimes forget the where and the how
As my sisters and I strove up above
To fulfill our purpose, to spread the Love.
For when form was formless one thing came true
Love reached a plateau where nothing was new.
Love had thought of everything Love could think
There was no conundrum from which Love would shrink
Saying, as it silenced its internal patter,
I will experience myself as matter.

I met the seven sisters long ago
Though all beautiful, one did steal the show
As she strove to banish the endless night
And bring all creation into the Light.
She radiated Love so pure and true
In her heart there was nothing else to do.
A star’s true purpose is to bring in Love
Manifesting it in the Heavens above
As consciousness strove to extend the norm
And create for Itself a world of form.

This is the quest of my sisters and I
To fill up the void by creating a sky
This is a job for far more than seven
You can see this by looking at Heaven
Stars have a life cycle, we come to an end
Our consciousness, however, Love can send
Into a new star if we are willing
There is always new space that needs filling
My only desire was to shine Light,
Make Love visible to an endless night.

To those who are curious about me
I come straight from Sacred Geometry
I am that known as a Tree of Life
Helping to create Life free from all Strife
You may not think I am giving my best
Life does not come near to passing this test
Do not be so quick to rush in and judge
Nor bear me ill will nor carry a grudge
Of all dimensions, the majority
Do not exist within polarity.

I became aware as I shone happily
Of a certain Tree always nearby me.
“Is everything alright?” I inquired
He sighed, replying, “I feel inspired,
In all honesty, when you are close by
Though reasons for this I cannot tell you why.”
I was flattered by his frank truthfulness
My light shone with an even greater bliss.
We spent millennia in great delight
As we experienced everything in sight.

Nothing lasts forever, so sad but true,
When he said he was trying something new
An experiment the likes we had not seen.
Puzzled I asked, “just what did he mean?”
He said he was trying a new dimension
Filled not only with Love but also tension
A realm where polarity was the norm
Where he would be a tree in 3D form.
This tree would need the Light of a Star
The distance between us would be quite far.

Undaunted six sisters I found myself
And after much toasting to their good health
I convinced them to try polarity
After all it was something new to see.
He aided us in our new cosmic birth
With great skill though he did not share our mirth
He was different I could not tell why
There was something far away in his eye
That planet, the Earth, is where I shall be
Please do your best, don’t forget about me.

In all of my lives as a shining star
I have yet to have found myself so far
From the center of perfection, of Love
Where my energy constricts like a glove
And his world the tiny speck, planet Earth,
Appears small and lonely, far from the mirth
And joy of Love’s endless discovery.
Worse still, oh so very much more to me,
I see his world, which does not allay my fears,
Once roughly every thirteen thousand years.

My sisters tell me to try to be strong
This, like everything, will not last long
Yet time feels different than ever before
In fact more often it feels like a door
That once passed through there is no going back
Nor shutting tight to stave off an attack.
I do not like this foreign feel of fear
Not its constant whispering in my ear
I do not believe when others might say
That this is the realm of ultimate play.

Play never felt this discordant or mean
Play does not eclipse the Light with the obscene.
When I get my glimpse of the planet earth
I strain to see for all that I am worth
If his branches are reaching towards me
Rather than drooping in obscurity
Then out of the blue it has come to this
Humans fell right along with Atlantis
And my tree has traded trunk for a back
To aid them in their climb out of the black.

I knew then what it was that I must do
I would become human to help them too!
Plus to see the one true mate of my soul
To be certain he was still pure and whole.
I ached to see him no matter how forlorn
The body he had chosen for his form
At my news my sisters cried in alarm
Star energy will do humans great harm
They do not vibrate so high or so true
Nor the reverse – what will happen to you!?

I did not care I had made up my mind
I was to become part of human kind.
Thus followed what seemed an endless nightmare:
Short lives where I was often unaware
Of myself or of him until I left
Carried in the merciful arms of death
Back I would plunge into a world deranged
Hoping beyond hope that he had not changed
Buoyed by too short lives in which he knew me
Yet possessing not the strength to break free.

Many of my own lives I had to abort
They were too brutish to be other than short
Then when all seemed to be totally lost
And I was starting to question the cost
I met my true love at a company
Perched on a harbour of a great sea
We experienced soul recognition
And in that moment of pure cognition
I said, speaking from our soul’s dimension,
I am here, soon will come our Ascension.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit clayhuthealing.ca

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