A Horse Named Tam

By Steve Clayton

horseA little over a week ago I was contacted to perform a distance healing on a horse in Zimbabwe. I asked for, and was sent, the horse’s name (Tam) and picture, along with a brief history of Tam’s life. From there the healing was set for last Thursday evening but, as I looked at Tam’s photo and reread his history on Tuesday, I felt a strong bond with him. He is a fine looking animal whose life has had its ups and downs.

Tam has lived with three families. The first was loving and kind, the second, cold and abusive, and the third was once again loving and kind. With the third family Tam has been very loving in return, for the most part. There have been a few incidents, luckily with no serious consequences, so far but the present family would like to nip things in the bud before Tam or anyone else is hurt.

As I mentioned I felt an immediate bond with Tam. The amount and depth of love that emanated from that horse vastly eclipsed any animal I have worked with. Anxiety was the only blemish in Tam’s armour.

Instinctively I knew I could help this horse. I sent the family an e-mail of my intentions and the healing was set for Thursday evening…or so I thought. Very early Wednesday morning, somewhere between Bathurst and Newcastle, I was driving along keeping a sharp eye out for moose. The night was clear and cool; in other words, ideal moose weather. As much as I love animals I do not want an intimate encounter with New Brunswick’s largest denizen. Out of the blue, Tam’s face appeared in my mind as plain as day and feelings of love and peace washed over and through me like a gentle flood. The feelings were so calm yet intense that I all but forget about moose as I tried to grasp what was happening. Is Tam sending me this peaceful love? I asked myself. I was not entirely certain as I pondered the meaning of what had just happened, but instinctively I wished the same feelings of peace and love for Tam.

After a bit, Tam’s picture faded from my mind, but the tranquility I was feeling lingered for some time. A fox sprinted quickly across the highway and my mind returned to matters at hand.

A couple of days later I received an e-mail from Tam’s family in which Tam’s ‘mom’ informed me the day before Tam’s healing she had felt an even greater amount of love than usual coming from Tam, and that he seemed more calm and relaxed all day than usual. Instantly I recalled Tam’s face and the feelings I had felt earlier that week and I somehow knew Tam had been thanking me for the healing I had not yet done, or rather the healing I thought I had not yet done.

I have read of ‘spontaneous’ healings that could not be explained. I have read a lot about, and discussed with Kim, the power of intention. I also have read that at the Quantum Level where our minds and souls operate, time and space do not exist. I admit my ‘earthly’ brain has a hard time with this notion.

Whatever the case, Tam had appeared to me accompanied by feelings of love and peace that I cannot deny, feelings which warm my heart each time I recall them. You may take from this what you will but for me Tam confirmed what I had always known in my heart. All life on this planet is intimately linked by the energy from which we are all made. That energy is love.

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