12-12-11 Divine Alignment

By Kim Hutchinson

Flying with Joy

Yesterday, we experienced another significant shift in the ever-ascending frequencies: the 12-12-11 alignment. This joyful influx of Christ Consciousness and Divine Love brought many gifts. Here are a few:

Joy, Love and Light Return

My experiences with the energy yesterday were delightful and enlightening. For starters, everyone I spoke with was in a good mood. My own cheerfulness was gratefully experienced as I had spent the past several weeks feeling apathetic, depressed, anxious, angry, sad, and maudlin, for no apparent reason. To be able to laugh, be silly and playful, and appreciate life again was thoroughly delicious. I would have been content with just my good humour, but the 12-12-11 alignment also brought the gift of insight.

Heightened Intuition

Throughout the day, I had moments of great clarity and intuition. For instance, I was talking with my mother on the phone (a delightful conversation…perhaps one of the best we’ve ever had) and she asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her my needs were simple and that I didn’t require anything. She then asked what I desired, and I suddenly thought of her beautiful hooked rugs. My mother is an artist whose medium is wool, and her creations are joyful, lively and beautiful. I told her that I would love nothing more than to have one of her hookings. She asked me what kind of design I’d like, and a vision immediately sprang to mind of a mat shaped like a lime green VW Bug with a Corgi hanging out the window. As it turns out, that is the exact design she had sketched for me. For those of you who know I used to do angel readings, this may not be surprising; but, clairvoyance, like any skill, needs to be practiced daily lest it diminish. I admit to having been lax in my practice of late, so this flash of insight took me unawares. That kind of effortless intuitive clarity has been occurring  more frequently.

Galactic Alignment Gifts

Remembering how to fly

The greatest insight came last night as I slept. My dreams have been profound and interesting, and I have been receiving Divine messages almost nightly. Last night’s dreams were more robust and educative. I dreamed I was going back to school as an adult. All around me, fellow adults were streaming out of their houses and converging at a local campus for ‘initiation’ (akin to ‘Frosh Week’, I believe). We found ourselves standing in a spacious field at the center of which lay the Galactic Core, or the centre of the Source Field. Even though this core was invisible to the naked eye, I knew it was there, although my fellow students were unaware of it.

Instinctively I moved closer to the core, and as I did thoughts of my walk to school filled my head. I was mulling over transportation options, thinking that the walk was simply too far to undertake daily. As I reached the core, I began to levitate. I realized that I could fly again, and began doing fancy maneuvers. The absolute joy of having my flight capabilities restored caused me to laugh and squeal like a child. Everyone on the field was watching me. They looked like sleepwalkers who had been abruptly awakened. I realized that I had regained my flight because I was thinking about a new form of transportation when I approached the Core. The Source Field reads our thoughts and responds in kind. That’s why it’s so important to focus on what you desire as we approach 12-21-12.

On that date, the universe will align with the Galactic Centre and a pulse of energy will upgrade all life everywhere. Whatever you desire, will be given to you. Now how’s that for a Christmas gift?!

Instant Manifestation

My dream continued. I next found myself inside a science laboratory and I realized that I was studying Microbiology and Quantum Mechanics. (In this lifetime, I am an ‘Artsy’ with limited scientific knowledge.) I realized that I had an astounding understanding of the most sophisticated and far-reaching scientific theorems. Coupled with a staggering IQ, I also had a gift for organization. Now, this wasn’t your decluttering type of organization; rather, I understood how to organize the sub-atomic building blocks of life into any form I wished. That meant I could instantly and effortlessly manifest anything I desired. After the Galactic Alignment, you too will remember how to arrange quanta in pleasing structures. That means, should you choose, you will be able to change your appearance daily. You can also build your dream house for free, and then instantly tweak it (add a floor, knock out a wall, expand, repaint, etc.) to your heart’s content. Whatever you dream, you will be able to effortlessly create, and since we all love to create I figure we’re going to feel like kids at Christmas (or whatever joyful event you celebrate).

The Pulse of Life

My scientific discoveries didn’t end there. As I sat in on a lecture, the professor was talking about our inability to measure form. He said that nothing is permanent or fixed; in fact, all life continuously blinks on and off, or in and out of existence. According to him, we were in Time-Space, which is the parallel to Space-Time, the realm in which we find waking ourselves.

Note: In the dream, I was in the other dimension. Based on that, I believe the fifth dimension may be in the parallel dimension of Time-Space. Then again, I could be misinterpreting the dream.

He said that matter constantly flits back and forth between the two realms changing form in the process. The shift back and forth from particle to wave form back to particle is a pulse not unlike the beat of the heart. Our heart blinks on and off creating an electromagnetic field in the shape of a torus, a sacred geometric form, which is the organizing force which holds matter together. In other words, the heartbeat gives life to the biological form. This quantum blinking of matter gives life to all forms throughout the multiverse. The on-off action creates the electromagnetic field that structures and organizes sub-atomic particles in our realm. In the parallel, the pulse creates a electromagnetic field that structures wave forms.

Note: Again, I can’t verify this information. I’m just transcribing what I heard in the dream. This may make perfect sense to some, and sound like gobbledygook to others, but the gist of the message here is that we will all possess heightened a IQ that enables us to comprehend and work with complex and esoteric concepts such as these once we ascend.


As you can see, the increase in Divine Love and Christed Energy has definite perks! It is helping to show us the Light, so to speak. We are like those students who have been sleepwalking for thousands of years and are now being gently awakened. The truth is far more remarkable than any of us can dream. I know I’m excited to learn more. Are you?

Happy ascension!

Image: Tanatat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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