11,000 Angels, Near-Death Experience and Solar Flares

By Kim Hutchinson

Significant Solar Flare

SunspotYesterday (Jan. 7, 2014), a giant cloud of solar particles, called a coronal mass ejection, erupted from our Sun. according to NASA, this was a significant solar flare. The solar eruption was preceded by a mid-level flare earlier in the day.

Powerful solar flares like this contain concentrated levels of radiation which scientists believe cannot actually harm humans, thanks to Earth’s protective atmosphere; perhaps not, but they certainly do disturb GPS, radio and communications signals. They also affect human behaviour.

Fiery outbursts

The Sun’s fiery outbursts elicit like behaviour in humans. The bigger the flare, the higher the intensity of emotion. Case and point, Steve and I spent the earlier part of the day arguing passionately over trivial matters. Ours is normally a loving, peaceful, mutually supportive relationship. We are not accustomed to such emotional volatility.

Dearly Departing

Our strange and combative day culminated with a call from my grandfather’s head nurse at the Veteran’s Care Facility where he currently resides. We were told he was not long for this world and that we should come say good-bye to him.

When I arrived, he was non-responsive and almost completely devoid of life force energy. I knew he was beginning his ascent Home. I whispered to his soul to go to with the angels into the Light. Archangel Azrael was with him guiding him Home.

Then my grandmother arrived. She immediately panicked and began crying and pleading with him to come back to her. Much to my surprise, he opened his eyes and started talking!

Stuck Between Dimensions

Sadly, my grandfather quickly became disoriented and frightened. He then began to cry like a baby, and kept asking, “But where am I??” When we told him, he couldn’t process the information.

At one point, his nurse came in to reassure him, and he asked to her, “How can you be up there and down here at the same time?” I knew that he was shifting between this world and the place we know as heaven (the 5th dimension).

11,000 Angels

angelAs I was attempting to soothe my grandfather, I told him he had nothing to fear. I asked if he saw an angel nearby, and he told me matter-of-factly, “Of course I do! There are angels everywhere.” He then looked at me and said, “But you’re the most beautiful and powerful angel of them all.” Whew! He knocked me back in my seat with that comment.

Later, my grandfather revealed to my mother that he was surrounded by 11,000 angels. He told her that they had been with him since he first went into hospital, and had never left his side.

Healing Handshake

After a while, my grandfather started to re-acclimate to his Earthly surroundings. He was very loving, and wept tears of joy for his beautiful family. He then reached out to shake Steve’s hand. Without realizing what he was doing, Steve inadvertently gave my grandfather a shot of healing energy. They then ended up playing one of my grandfather’s favourite games: see who can out-squeeze the other. Steve was amazed at the strength in my grandfather’s hand. Afterwards, I could see a flush of colour wash over my grandfather’s face. He went from ashen grey to baby pink in an instant.

I knew then my grandfather wasn’t going Home. By the time we left to go home and eat a long-overdue supper, he was sitting up in bed, cracking jokes, laughing heartily and entertaining the orderlies.

Sun Sign

I’m not exactly sure what the solar flares had to do with my grandfather’s near departure yesterday, but I’m sure the two are connected. It is no coincidence that my grandfather’s sun sign is Leo, with the Sun as his ruling astral body.

‘Violent’ Day

It’s interesting, too, to note that my grandfather referred to yesterday as a ‘violent’ day. That’s certainly an apt description. I know I felt my baser emotions (i.e. anger) very deeply yesterday. These continued into my dreams.

Purification by Fire

After purging and purifying many fears and aggravations in the fire of the Sun, I am grateful to say that today feels calmer, happier and lighter.

Not only has peace been restored here at home, but my grandfather is also doing much better. This morning, he was up and dressed, and eating breakfast. Considering he hadn’t eaten anything in four days, his rebound is nothing short of miraculous.

I’m so grateful to Father Sun and the 11,000 angels who helped us through yesterday’s fiery challenges.

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