Awakening & Ascension

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“Life is but a dream, within a dream.” - William Shakespeare

Awakening is the process of remembering who you truly are. When you incarnated on Earth, you voluntarily contracted spiritual amnesia; however, the time has come to awaken from this dream. In order to do so, we must expand our conscious awareness to encompass a much wider reality. During this process, it's common to experience awakening 'symptoms', commonly known as 'ascension flu'.

Read about the seven typical stages of awakening.

Ascension refers to the awakening process and re-expansion of consciousness that shifts us from the illusion of separation back to Source Oneness. In order to understand ascension, you must first understand that you are Source in amnesia. Your soul is a dream that Source is having, and your current life is a dream that your soul is having. In truth, we are simply Source experiencing Source. So, ascension is the process of waking up, remembering and fully reconnecting to the Source within us all. During this process, our consciousness rises, our vibration elevates, and we expand through the multiverse, becoming increasingly more connected to each other until there is only the One unifying consciousness of All That Is.

Ascension Symptoms

Aches and Pains
Bloat/Weight Gain
Blurry Vision
Breathing Problems
Dizziness / Vertigo
Ear and Eye Pain
Ear Buzzing
Fatigue / Exhaustion
Food Cravings
Head Pressure
Heart Palpitations
Hot Flashes/ Sweats
Itchy Skin
Jitteriness/ Twitches
Skin Eruptions
Sleeping in/Napping

Anxiety, Panic, Fear
Brain Fog, Lack of Focus
Creative Urge
Depression, Apathy
Ego Issues
Grief, Sadness
Integrity, Need for Truth
Impatience, Frustration
Introspection, Introversion
Mood Swings
Resurfaced Memories
Rapid Learning
Short-term Memory Loss
Thirst for Knowledge

Auric Expansion
Crown Chakra Activity (Tingling)
Dark Night of the Soul
Healing Abilities
Heart Centered
Identity Crisis
Karmic Purging
Nature & Animal Connection
Past Life Recall
Rapid Manifestation
Signs / Serendipity
Seeing / Hearing Spirits
Soulmate Quest
Spiritual Realignment
Spiritual Thirst
Third Eye & Pineal Gland Activity
Vivid Dreams of Different Worlds

Ascension Shifts

Transitional Life Changes:
Career Change
Divorce / Separation
Death of loved one(s)
Electronic & Mechanical Failures
Family Drama
Financial Challenges
Isolation / Withdrawal
Job Loss
Move / Relocation
New Activities & Interests
New Friends
New Neighbours
New Routines
Other Relationship Challenges
Unexpected, BIG Changes

Outcome of Life Changes:
Living Your Truth / Authenticity
Increased Intuition
Strengthened Faith
Inner Peace / Detachment
Unity Consciousness
Lightness of Being, Joy and Laughter
Improved Health
Living in the Now
Healthy Self-Love & Relationships
Following Life Purpose Career
Enjoying a Steady Financial Flow
Heightened Creativity
Easy and Rapid Manifestation
Simplification of Lifestyle

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