Mother Earth and the Stairway to Heaven

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By Steve Clayton Unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies have help to boost the mood here. But there’s something else at play, and is Mother Earth herself. She is in a ‘heavenly’ mood and her energy is feeling very fifth dimensional. Heavenly Days I started my day by hanging clothes outside to dry in the […]

Upcoming Solar Eclipse Meditations From Various People And Websites

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Note by Kim: I was doing research for a blog about the importance of tomorrow’s solar eclipse meditations when I discovered Michelle Walling’s excellent article on the same topic. So, rather than reinventing the wheel, I am sharing her article instead. I just want to add that my guides have also emphasized the significance of […]

Healing Haikus

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Wake within the dream Discover hidden knowledge That will change your life The freedom to be Is a most wonderful gift To give to yourself Set your paradigm Inwardly and outwardly To be filled with Love Sit still in nature Release all pent up tensions Let inner peace bloom Focus on yourself Be more loving, […]

Serenity Meditations

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Birch Tree Meditation By Steve Clayton If winter, or life in general, has taken its toll on you, meditation with the Birch Tree can make all the difference. In Celtic lore the Birch is a tree of many healing properties, including the ability to calm the mind and nervous system. To meditate with the Birch, […]