Kim’s Healings are Back

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Multidimensional Healing & Guidance After a self-healing hiatus, Kim is happy to be back helping people feel their best. She is also excited to be offering guidance, again. While on break, Kim received a message from Source which guided her to focus upon transformation. Healing restores what was; transformation propels you into the realm of […]

Hot Summer Special

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Book two healings, and SAVE 50% on your second healing! Summer’s officially here! We’ve waited all year for the good weather to return. You want to have the vitality and peace of mind to enjoy it, so why not take advantage of our sizzling summer healing special? Book two full (one hour) healing sessions (Naturopathic Consultation and Full-Spectrum Vibrational […]

The Power of the Tetrahedron

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By Kim Hutchinson Everything in the universe is structured on sacred geometry. One of these forms is the tetrahedron, which is essentially a 3-D pyramid. The tetrahedron can be used to purify water, preserve food, relieve pain, heal wounds, increase extrasensory perception, prolong life, and even control the weather, as I mentioned in my previous […]