Ascension Dreams

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By Kim Hutchinson As collective consciousness continues to rise on this planet, so too do the number of precognitive dreams we have. Recently, I’ve had a spate of lucid dreams containing vivid ascension visions. The messages conveyed in these dreams speak of all aspects of our ascension process, from the preparation, to the event, to our life […]


Politics, Soul Ages and the Bifurcation of Worlds

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By Kim Hutchinson Preface: I wrote this article to help people who are unhappy with this week’s American election results. I hope it brings you peace and understanding. The Election Wednesday morning when I awoke to news of Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the position of President of the United States my first reaction was disbelief. […]

Ascension Update: Fall 2016

Sept. 2016: Powerful Ascension Shifts and Symptoms

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By Kim Hutchinson If you’re anything like me, then you probably look and feel like you’ve just pulled an all-nighter chaperoning a five year old’s sleepover birthday party. You know the look…frazzled, exhausted, and feeling too stunned to care about anything. This has been one of the most intense and challenging months in the ascension […]

Spirit Art Creations

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By Kim Hutchinson I’ve been taking a much-needed break from healing in order to recharge my batteries through creativity. (You know what they say…healer heal thyself.) And so, here are some of my creations. I will continue to add to these categories as well as to create more.  If you want to see all of my creations, […]

Ascension Waves Vision

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By Kim Hutchinson There’s a buzz on the internet these days. Many people are sharing visions of our upcoming transition into the fifth dimension. The common theme foretells of three waves washing over the planet.  Although I believe that the prophesized waves are comprised of light rather than water, this calls to mind several visions […]

Own Your Body

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By Kim Hutchinson During a recent conversation with my higher self, I received an unexpected message. She told me to “own my body”. I spent the day wondering what exactly that meant. Honouring Your Body’s Wisdom I still was mulling over the advice when Steve started telling me about a friend’s experience in hospital. While […]

Your ascending pet

Animal Ascension Symptoms

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By Steve Clayton Ascending Schumann Resonance Many online articles and videos talk about the energy shifts that are happening now, and specifically, how the Earth’s ascending resonant frequency is affecting humanity. What most of these references do not mention is how these changes are also affecting our animal friends. Animals, domesticated or wild, have a […]

Spiritual awakening and ascension

Ascension Symptoms: Spring 2016

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By Kim Hutchinson Physical If you have been feeling less-than-stellar lately but can’t identify the cause, chances are you’ve got ‘ascension flu’. Despite the name, this doesn’t mean that you’re sick. Ascension flu has similar symptoms to the real flu, but the cause is not viral. It means you are experiencing physical sensations in your […]

2016 Ascension Forecast: Three Waves

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By Kim Hutchinson Much has changed for humanity in the past year even though, superficially, things look basically the same. If you were hoping for a visible change in the world by now, you might be disappointed; however, there are plenty of reasons to be happy. When looking for proof that things are changing for […]

Anchoring Light and Love

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By Kim Hutchinson “What the world needs now is love, sweet love It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of What the world needs now is love, sweet love No, not just for some but for everyone” This wonderful refrain sung by Dionne Warwick is as timely today as it was in 1967. […]

Ascension Vision

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By Kim Hutchinson Several weeks ago, during meditation, I had a vivid and inspiring vision of leaving the Earth. As I moved deeper into space I inflated massively in size. At the same time, I watched the Earth shrinking away until she was no more than a beautiful jeweled sphere smack-dab in the middle of […]

A Cosmic Love Story

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By Steve Clayton I met him so very long ago now I sometimes forget the where and the how As my sisters and I strove up above To fulfill our purpose, to spread the Love. For when form was formless one thing came true Love reached a plateau where nothing was new. Love had thought […]